Twice The Speed Of Dark

By Lulu Allison

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What does it mean to care about the deaths of distant strangers? What does it take to bear the loss of a child?

Publication date: Autumn 2017
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About the book

Anna is dismayed by the indifference she sees in the news to people who die in distant wars. In order to redress this, she writes portraits of unknown victims. Grief, caused by the death of her daughter Caitlin, and brought into sharp relief by the release of Caitlin's killer from prison, has in turn, imprisoned Anna. it is only through this writing that Anna allows herself an emotional connection to the world. Meanwhile Caitlin tells her own story from the perplexing realms of death, finally reclaiming herself from the brutality of a coercive and violent relationship. Anna s unresolved rage build to a pitch, until an unexpected intercession changes everything, offering hope from the most unexpected quarter. 

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