Books are now in your hands

Unbound is an award-winning crowdfunding publisher that brings ideas to life.

So far our community of 107,382 people from 166 countries have pledged £3.44m to fund 207 books. Collectively we've won 5 literary prizes, published 4 bestsellers, and been longlisted for The Man Booker.

For the first time you’ll be able to hold a book that only exists because of your support.

Looking for more information? Find answers to common questions on our FAQ page.

Woman icon Pitch an idea

Have an idea for a book? Great, we’d love to hear it. Pitch your idea to our team of Commissioning Editors, and if they think it has the makings of a great book, we’ll launch it on our site.

Hand dropping coins icon The contract

Once your project is live, we’ll draw up a contract. It’s all pretty straightforward: just like with a traditional publisher, you’ll retain the intellectual rights to your book, but licence us the rights to produce and publish it.

What separates us from the traditional industry are the terms of the deal – normally, you’d only get 5-10% of the cover prices. With us, it’s a 50/50 profit split – everything the book makes, you get half. Simple and transparent, just like it should be.

Monitor icon Crowdfunding

While you’re writing your book, we’ll start to sell pre-orders. When you reach your funding target, we’ll start the process of publishing it professionally.

Printer icon Production

We’re not just a payment platform – we’re a publishing house. A team of writers, designers, editors, publishers and product managers that have over 300 years of combined industry experience. So don’t worry, you’re in safe hands – we’ll take care of the whole process, from cover to cover.

Cake icon Project complete

Once your project is complete, we’ll send a copy to everyone that’s helped along the way. And our physical books are sold into bookshops by Penguin Random House (the biggest publisher in the world) and their dedicated sales team – not just stuck in a catalogue or listed on Amazon.