The Unbounders

We’re a team of writers, designers, publishers and producers working together in a converted warehouse in central London.

Half of us spend our time finding, commissioning and making our books. The other half builds Unbound and looks after our community.

Together, we have over 300 years of expertise in publishing and connecting people around creative projects.

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Publishing that works. For everybody.

We started Unbound with a simple mission: make publishing work. For everybody.

We believe that everyone should be given the chance to seize their own success, and that great ideas shouldn’t fall between the cracks because they don’t fit the mould.

And that’s what we’ve built – a better way of doing things.

A community, platform and a publishing model that shift the balance of power to you, people and communities that champion underserved ideas and voices.

How it works


Unbound is a global community built around creativity and ideas.

Over 221,265 people from every corner of the globe have supported an Unbound project and helped make that idea a reality. To date, we’ve published 356 books that only exist thanks to the Unbound community.

Many of these have been bestsellers and received critical acclaim, and all have come from passionate people with a story to share.

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“Brilliant… Unbound is trailblazing a new way of getting books to readers.”

Simple Things

“It is Unbound’s direct dialogue between writers and readers which seems to have been missing from the publishing world, until now.”

Daily Telegraph

“Traditional publishing is in the doldrums, it's collapsing. Publishers are looking around for new ways of going forward. I think Unbound could be the future.”

Terry Jones

“Of all the bright new shoots the digital world has helped to spring out of the wizened old stump of the book world, Unbound is one of the freshest and brightest”

Philip Pullman