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Think like a Vegan: What everyone can learn from vegan ethics

By Emilia Leese and Eva Charalambides

Thought-provoking essays and exercises to show how vegan ethics can improve the lives of everyone

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Publication date: May 2021

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In this book, we invite you to set aside any preconceived notions about veganism. Through a personal, imperfect and often irreverent lens, we explore a variety of contemporary topics related to animal use and veganism in the context of everyday modern life.

From the basics of vegan logic, to politics, economics, love and other aspects of being human, every chapter invites you into a thought-provoking conversation about your daily ethical decisions relating to animal use, which also apply to all aspects of life.

This is also the only book where you’ll find a whole chapter helping you to apply the broad concepts of veganism to practical situations through thought experiments and real-life scenarios vegans face, such as those awkward moments at dinner parties, being vegan while travelling, vegan and needing medication, reacting to hunting and mistreatment, and much more.

This book is not just for vegans. It’s for anyone interested in veganism, its ideals and what even non-vegans can learn from its practice. We want to help you accomplish two goals. First, to think about veganism as the simple concept that using animals is unjustified and unnecessary. And second, to empower you to communicate that concept throughout your life.

Although our primary focus in this work is the injustice of animal use, we recognise society’s systemic injustices are related and interconnected. Seeking a fair world for animals means we must also seek to reject and redress the injustices perpetrated on humans. These are not mutually exclusive goals, or mutually exclusive ideas. So, in our book we have both a personal and human view as well as a broad and global one.

Topics include:
animal agriculture and its effects on people and the environment,
why we should adopt animals,
what to do about online bullies,
what’s the problem with organic meat or cages,
the economics of plant-based foods,
what about honey,
veganism and feminism,
and even vegansexualism!

We do all this without once showing you any gruesome photos.

We have been studying and talking about veganism for many years by writing about the topic for a variety of publications, organising large vegan festivals in North America, conducting vegan workshops, and hosting vegan supper clubs.

Despite being from different generations, we share a common approach to the topic. We want people to feel confident in keeping things simple while they focus on ethics. We want to help you find clarity in a subject that can become confusing because it’s emotionally charged.

Please pledge, read the book, think through the scenarios and get in touch with us with your real life situations so we can continue the conversations!


  • Hardback book
  • 200 pages
  • approx 216 x 135mm, or 8 1/2 x 5 5/16 inches

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A hardback edition of the book


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  • Emilia Leese avatar

    Emilia Leese

    Eva Charalambides avatar

    Eva Charalambides

    Emilia A. Leese, BS Economics (hons), BA French (hons); Juris Doctorate (hons), writes essays on life, travel and veganism for a variety of online publications, including her personal blog, and is closely involved in a long-term forest rewilding project in the Scottish Highlands, She regularly hosts benefit supper clubs, yoga retreats and speaks to hundreds of people each year during various festivals, including the Vegandale Food Drink Festival at the Why Should I Go Vegan? stand. She translated Eat Like You Care, by Francione & Charlton, into Italian. Emilia is the editor of the quarterly magazine for The Heath & Hampstead Society in London. She also developed life skills and ethics workshops for underserved youth. She has been a corporate finance lawyer for over 20 years. She and her husband Roger, who is also vegan, live in London and the Highlands.

    Eva J. Charalambides received a BA in Radio and Television before finding her calling as an advocate and becoming a professional vegan, joining The 5700 Inc. in 2016. As a self-proclaimed master of wit, puns and copywriting, she managed and contributed to Ecorazzi, a vegan online publication, led the multi-city Vegandale Food Drink Festivals, and regularly photographed the company's vegan events, restaurants and retail campaigns. She decided never to put her camera down and today, she can be found insisting companion animals tag along on photoshoots as she discovers the world of photography on her own. Together with her vegan husband, Matt, and their two rescue rabbit companions, Libby & Dorito, she splits her time between Toronto and anywhere she can strap on a pair of snowshoes.

  • Chapter 1: Basics

    In this chapter, we explore what it means to be vegan and what are the basic ethical concepts behind veganism.

    What does it mean to be vegan?

    In this first essay, we set out the fundamental concepts. From who are vegans, to the meaning of the term veganand speciesism, to the core problem of use, these concepts will echo throughout this book. We also address being vegan in a non-vegan world, reconciling that reality as much as it can be and we recognise the interconnections of oppression with a call to reject all bigotry.

  • Emilia Leese and Eva Charalambides have written 1 private update. You can pledge to get access to them all.

    13th May 2022 USA Book Launch Party - Live in NYC

    Come to our USA book launch party - live and in person - in NYC

    I'm delighted to be back in NYC and thrilled to host an in-person party for the US launch of our book, Think Like a Vegan: What everyone can learn from vegan ethics .

    I may do a reading or two if the fancy strikes us.

    Come say hello, meet new people, pick up a copy of the book or bring your copy for signing or…

    30th March 2022 TLAV: The Podcast

    Dear Friends and Supporters

    We've launched an eponymous podcast!

    You'll find it on all podcast platforms and here's a little clip from episode one.

    With gratitude always,

    Emi & Eva 

    1st December 2021 We need your vote to win the 2021 VegFest UK Award for Favourite Vegan Book

    Dear Friends and Supporters,

    We’re thrilled to have been nominated for a 2021 VegfestUK Award in the Favourite Ethical Vegan Book category. Winners are chosen by YOU!

    So we need your help. Vote for Think Like a Vegan here

    Voting is open now until midnight 14 December.

    Anyone, anywhere in the world can vote.

    We’re in incredible company too. Check out all the other books too. Congrats…

    29th October 2021 Look at this top billing!!

    Dear Friends and Supporters

    We hope you've all been keeping well. We've got quite a few morcels of news for you.

    A podcast with Moby!

    We're incredibly grateful and delighted that Emi got to be one of the featured voices on the first episode of the second series of the podcast, The Plate Up, by the brilliant Bluedot Festival. We're alongside musician and activist Moby and Alex Sobel…

    14th September 2021 The Audiobook is available Worldwide!

    Dear Friends and Supporters

    TLAV is available on all major audiobook platforms.

    It's also available on CD via Amazon.

    The British version is narrated by Sarah Schoenbeck and the North American version by Gina Rogers. They're each so incredibly multi-talented and we feel very lucky to have them as the book's narrators. 

    We're ramping up for the book's release in the USA and Canada and…

    3rd September 2021 We're in the Alfred Nobel House! Yes, that Nobel!

    Dear Friends and Supporters,

    check this out!!

    Are you in Sweden? If so, go see us.

    We’re absolutely delighted TLAV will be exhibited at the Alfred Nobel House Björkborn, in Karlskoga, Sweden until October 21, 2021. The exhibition is entitled Sustainable Gastronomy. It is co-organised by the Gourmand Awards and the Hallbars Research Institute for Sustainability Reports.

    Photo of our…

    29th July 2021 Give us ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! And catch TLAV on BBC Radio London

    Dear Friends and Supporters,

    We hope you've been having a good summer.

    Reviews and ratings

    We need your help! Please share your positive reviews and five star ratings for TLAV on Goodreads and Amazon

    You'll see on Goodreads we've begun receiving lots of positive reviews. We need more! You don't need to write anything complex. In fact on Goodreads, you can even just leave a five…

    7th July 2021 Podcasts and broadcasts

    Dear Friends and Supporters,

    Our press tour continues with some great podcasters and broadcasters:

    1. Emi spoke with Audrey Carville, the host of BBC Radio Ulster's ethics program "Sunday Sequence" and had a thought provoking conversation about  some of the questions we’re often asked about vegan ethics 
    2. The affable Jim Moore of the excellent The Bloody Vegans podcast (or video) made us feel…

    18th June 2021 A round up of our media coverage and events so far

    Dear Friends and Supporters

    We hope you're keeping well.

    It's been a whirlwind since Publication Day. Here's a roundup of everything we've been up to and a call to action for you at the end!


    1st June 2021 Officially everywhere you buy books

    Hello Friends, Readers and Supporters!

    It was great seeing so many of you during our Publication Day party. Thank you all for coming. 

    If you’re enjoying the book, have found it helpful or thought provoking, please give it a high rating or even a short review on Goodreads or Amazon. Good reviews are incredibly helpful especially to first-time authors. 

    Here are a few samples of what people…

    14th May 2021 Publication Day Party Invite

    Dear Friends and supporters

    The time has finally come to celebrate

    Join us for our Publication Day Party on Thursday, 27 May at 7:30pm BST.* 

    Our host for the evening will be Kip Dorrell of Messy Vegan Cook.

    You’ll be the first to hear us chat about the book and listen to some excerpts. We’ll also be taking your questions

    And if you’re up to it afterwards, we’ll stay to mingle…

    29th April 2021 Cover quotes!

    Dear Friends and Supporters,

    We're deeply grateful to Seth Tibbott and Kuntal A. Joisher for generously providing these exceptional and heartfelt cover quotes.

    Seth is an extraordinary person and the founder of the legendary Tofurky. He’s also the author of the must-read book, In Search of the Wild Tofurky, which is about the decades-long journey to the Tofurky we know and love today. It…

    23rd March 2021 We've hit the Print button!

    Dear Friends and Supporters,


    Today, after many manuscript edits and seven drafts to and from the typesetter, we've hit the print button!! 

    The editing process has been alot of work and truly rewarding

    Massive thanks to our editor Martha Sprackland, our development editor Phil Connor and copy editor Hayley Shepherd, as well as the proofreaders…

    25th February 2021 Getting closer to hitting the print button and we have a narrator!

    Dear Friends and Supporters,

    We received the first proof of the manuscript and we've since turned it in to our editor with a few comments and edits. Right now, the proof is being professionally proofread as well. So, we're closer and closer to being able to hit that print button. 

    Another highlight this week was hearing a snippet of our book being read aloud by the narrator, British actress …

    3rd February 2021 BIG NEWS! Cover reveal and more

    Dear Friends and Supporters,

    It's the one year anniversary of funding Think Like a Vegan! And to celebrate, we have three thrilling updates for you. We're sharing them here first as a way of thanking you, our supporters, without whom this book could never have happened. Drum roll please...

    Our cover reveal!

    Unbound's art director, Mark Ecob (@mecobtweets), created this eye-catching cover…

    4th December 2020 How about some vegan panettone?

    Dearest Supporters

    This year has simultaneously flown by and lasted an extraordinarily loooong time. Around this time last year we appeared on the BBC to talk about winter holiday vegan foods. That was such fun! Relive that moment here.

    This year, we've worked hard on our book with the first-rate team of editors at Unbound. We've submitted all our edits on time, most recently completing…

    30th October 2020 Happy Halloween

    Dearest Supporters

    We hope you and yours are keeping well. 

    We've been busy working on the manuscript edits and it's all coming together nicely. 

    Eva's favourite holiday is upon us: Halloween! She's celebrating by baking, of course.

    These jack o'linzers use the same recipe as Christmas linzers we've shared with you before. 

    Remember, there are loads of vegan candy readily available…

    27th August 2020 We've been busy!

    Dearest Supporters,

    How are you? We've managed to keep busy, despite all the ups and downs.

    What's happening with our book?

    We've just submitted the development edits to our manuscript. We're delighted with how the finished book is shaping up. Thank you, Phil Connor for your brilliant insights on our manuscript. Now, onto the copy editing!  

     What else has been going on?


    11th February 2020 Final draft manuscript submitted!

    Dear Supporters

    Last night, we submitted our final draft manuscript to our editor: 166 pages; 56,190 words.

    We are simultaneously excited and terrified, but mostly excited... we think!

    If you're in London and fancy something completely different, we still have two spots available for our IThailian supper club on 3 April. 

    Meanwhile, bring on the editing process!

    Much love & gratitude…

    6th February 2020 Thank you for getting us to 100%!!

    Dear Supporters

    On the day this photo was taken, we discussed working on a book together. We didn't know then we would turn into more than 300 of us!

    Each of you has made our croissant-induced dream a reality

    We will keep you posted as we work with Unbound's editors to finalise our manuscript and discover all that's required  in the publishing process. Exciting times ahead!


    22nd January 2020 The IThailian Supper Club is back; The Telegraph; Robbie Burns; and a discount code!

    Dear Supporters

    How are you?

    We have so many updates we had to add a day to our usual posting schedule.

    First, clear your calendar for a unique experience: an Italian-Thai dinner on Friday, 3 April 2020 at 7.30pm in North London.

    Kip, of Messy Vegan Cook, and Emilia have teamed up again to bring back the always popular, and often requested, IThailian supper club. We combine vegan Italian…

    7th January 2020 Beginnings!

    Dear Supporters:

    Happy new year to you and yours! 

    As we start 2020, we thought it fitting to share with you the origins of our book. Inspiration visits us in strangest places sometimes. For Think Like a Vegan, it all started after the 2018 Vegandale Festival in Toronto. Emi was sitting in the back of Eva’s & Matt’s truck. We had just scoffed pastries at Tori’s Bakeshop and were on our way…

    24th December 2019 Happy Festive Season! *especially with vegan and gluten free Linzer Wreath cookies*

    Dear Supporters

    We wish you all a happy Festive Season and a peaceful new year.

    We leave you with vegan and gluten free Linzer Wreath cookies lovingly handmade and photographed by Eva (helloo multi-talent)!. 

    Wish we could share them with each one of you in real life.

    See you in 2020!

    With much love and gratitude,

    Emi & Eva

    Eva's recipe for vegan and gluten free Linzer Wreaths…

    17th December 2019 Our first official testimonial! Seth Tibbott, Chair and Founder of Tofurky, comments on the book

    Dear Supporters:

    We have some fantastic news. Our first official testimonial is IN! 

    Think Like A Vegan is a brilliant book, which both challenges and inspires thoughts on veganism,” said Seth Tibbott, Chair and Founder of the famously vegan brand Tofurky. “I love the thought experiments at the end.” Seth read a draft of the book, made a number of excellent suggestions and we’re grateful for…

    10th December 2019 We went live on the BBC to help you have very happy vegan holidays!

    Today, BBC World News invited us to participate in a segment about vegan Christmas

    You can imagine how excited we were.

    Emi went to Broadcasting House in London, and Eva connected with Skype from Toronto.



    Journalist and presenter, Geeta Guru-Murthy, hosted us and we spoke about Think Like a Vegan, veganism and Christmas and Hanukkah foods!  See the clip in the linked video…

    7th December 2019 New Reward: Vegan Burns Night Supper!

    Dear Supporters:

    We've introduced a new reward

    Thanks to your support, we're able to introduce a very special reward: vegan Burns Night Supper

    Emi is delighted to bring back this very popular event for a third year!

    Come celebrate Robert Burns' poetry, Scottish food and music in an elegant and cosy setting in North London on the anniversary of his birthday, 25 January 2020 at…

    4th December 2019 Planting trees at Birchfield

    Dear Supporters,

    Reforesting begins!

    Emi is involved with a reforesting and rewilding project up in Scotland on the south side of Loch Ness. We spent this past weekend at Birchfield planting over 400 trees in a location that was once part of the Great Caledonian forest. This was the inaugural tree planting event. Reforesting takes time and effort and we hope to host more events in the future…

    27th November 2019 33% to go!

    Dear Supporters:

    It has been an incredible 12 days since launching Think Like A Vegan: What everyone can learn from vegan ethics.

    At the time we write this, the crowdfunding is at 67% with 181 kind and generous people who have pledged support. That blows our minds.

    From what we can tell at this stage, supporters come from the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, China…

    18th November 2019 Follow us on social media

    Our social media profiles are up and running! 

    Follow us on: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

    If you've pledged, please share and tag us and include #thinklikeavegan

    And you can now also sign up for our newletter on our website 

    With so much gratitude, 

    Emi & Eva

    17th November 2019 Thank you!

    In the less than 48 hours since sharing our book with you, we are amazed at all the lightbulbs turning on! 

    We want to thank each and every one of the 44 of you who have set our campaign in motion to an astounding 33% of funding already. It’s humbling to know we are surrounded by kind, open minded and generous people. 

    We are so looking forward to our public launch on 19 November.

    100% funding…

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