The D'Ancey LaGuarde Reader

By Alice Fraser & D'Ancey LaGuarde

A throbbing insight into the world of D’Ancey LaGuarde; self-published romance maven of The Gargle.

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The D'Ancey LaGuarde Reader is a glorious homage to the best-selling romance writer - D'Ancey LaGuarde, the creation of Alice Fraser and famously broadcast every week to millions of listeners of the trans-global satirical podcast - The Bugle. 

D’Ancey LaGuarde is a legend in the world of romance. A natural storyteller with a background in psychology they became a self-publishing phenomenon, dominating the supernatural romance period thriller market with millions of copies sold worldwide. Their most popular titles include The Highlands Laird’s Christmas Miracle, We Made It One Night, Three’s a Crowd, They Came From Above, The Femme Falcon, A Cowboy Called Home and the classic, Little Red Riding Werewolf.

The D'Ancey LaGuarde Reader will offer an exclusive glimpse inside their glamorous world – excerpts from their best books, their favourite book jacket designs, writing tips from themselves and other romance writers, fashion tips – including the ever-vexing question: ‘what to wear when writing?’.

Readers can also expect delectable answers to their most tricky romance questions, annotated lists of their top book recommendations (outside of their own books of course), and a fiendishly difficult D’Ancey LaGuarde quiz.

The book will be a constant source of solace and encouragement for the D’Ancey’s many fans worldwide and small enough to slip inside a Louis Vuitton clutch bag...

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