Surviving Me

By Jo Johnson

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Tom has decided he doesn’t want to live, Adam wishes he had that choice.

Publication date: November 2019
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About the book

White lies land Tom in deep water. He’s so absorbed in his own deceit he doesn’t see that others are leading double lives too and threatening to rewrite his future for him.

Tom’s lost his job and now he’s been labelled ‘spermless’ so his life doesn't exactly match up to the ideal of what it is to be a modern man. It’s surprisingly easy to set up a double life but rather harder to keep the deceit going. As Tom’s identity threatens to unravel, he starts to lose the plot and comes perilously close to the edge…

All the while, it turns out that one of Tom’s nearest and dearest has been leading his own double life – though for very different reasons. Adam has a medical condition, Huntington’s disease, that has not yet been diagnosed but, as the family is about to discover, it will blow their future out of the water.

Things seem more hopeful when Tom and his wife decide to adopt a child… But the true identity of the child’s father means that things are going to get a whole lot more complicated. Ironically, it’s Tom’s foray into his fantasy world that makes Adam’s diagnosis even more devastating for everyone…

This book tackles taboo subjects such as suicide and hard issues such as inherited degenerative diseases in an honest, life-affirming and often humorous way. It focuses particularly on men and the challenges of being male in today’s world and explores how our silence on these big issues can help push men to the brink.

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