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Running Tracks

By Rob Deering

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The playlist and places that made me a runner

Publication date: Summer 2021
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About the book

Rob Deering has been listening to music his whole life, but it was only in his mid-thirties that – much to his surprise – he found himself falling in love with the hugely popular, nearly perfect, sometimes preposterous activity of running

In this vividly conjured collection, Rob shares stories of when a run, a place and a tune come together in a life-defining moment. His adventures in running have spanned four continents, fifteen marathons and numberless miles of park and pavement, and the carefully chosen music streaming through his headphones has spurred him forward throughout. 

  • What makes the perfect running tune? 
  • Where can you find the best routes, even in an unfamiliar town? 
  • Why do people put themselves through marathons? 

In Running Tracks, Rob Deering shares his sometimes surprising answers to these questions, and explains how a hobby became an obsession that changed his life forever.

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