Philosophers' Dogs

By Samuel Dodson and Rosie Benson

All philosophers stole their ideas from their dogs.

Humour | Illustrated
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Hang on a minute, dogs did what now?

Each and every human philosopher since time immemorial has stolen their best ‘ideas’ and insights from their four-legged friends. Not only that, but they’ve shamelessly changed and altered their dogs’ original philosophical thoughts to make them sound more human (read: more foolish).

Philosophers’ Dogs is the ground-breaking textbook that will shake the very foundations of both western and eastern philosophy.

Featuring beautiful illustrations alongside thorough, meticulous research and historical fact*, the book follows the philosophic trials, tribulations and tail-wagging of the dogs owned by famous philosophers and essayists, and presents to readers the unadulterated, real histories of the true philosophical masters of enlightenment.

*Not necessarily historical or fact.

A vital companion to the bookshelves of all philosophy students, teachers, dog lovers and, indeed, anyone with any interest in THE TRUTH, Philosophers’ Dogs also reveals the original, genuine quotes hitherto (wrongly) attributed to minds such as Karl Marx, Ayn Rand, David Foster Wallace, Socrates and Simone De Beauvoir.

Still sceptical? How about this sobering statistic:

Last year, in London alone, 50,000 dogs had their ideas for best-selling books stolen by their human owners and published without their consent.

Quite simply, infringement on canine copyright is an epidemic not confined to the realm of philosophy – though of course, it has been in the interests of so-called philosophers to keep this truth from the general public, so that they can continue to dine out on the mountains of free-flowing revenue and fast cars a career in philosophy offers those unscrupulous individuals who are willing to rip-off ‘man’s-best friend’.

How can dogs have come up with notions of existentialism and Marxist dialectics? Yesterday I watched a dog stare at an empty spot in a field for two hours before rolling in a cowpat.

To you the spot was empty.

Navigating the philosophical dog walk of life

Is it possible to be a good dog? Do we catch balls of our own volition? Or are our decisions to eat the rotten apples, to bark at the cat, predetermined? What is it to know that you have behaved well rather than merely believe it?

All these questions – and more – are answered in this comprehensive compendium that will expand your consciousness, introducing you to important philosophical ideas and constructs, while also shedding a light on the true pioneers of philosophical thought: philosophers’ dogs.

And who exactly is behind this idea?

Until human copyright law is altered, for legal reasons we’ll have to maintain that Philosophers’ Dogs is written by Samuel Dodson – a twenty-something-year-old writer based in London, who absolutely did not steal the idea for this book from his Labrador, Reg. Though of course it is important to note that Reg is a 100%, 10/10 certified very good boy.

Drawing on extensive research of existing texts and materials dealing with philosophy, as well as long interviews and extensive, discursive walks with dogs around the world, Sam has put together a comprehensive text book that details everything anyone needs to know about the world’s real philosophical masters.

Alongside this, Sam’s sister, Rosie Benson, has provided a series of stunning illustrations to accompany each philosopher (both dog and human copyright infringer).

So, what can be done?

If you'd like to help us make this book a reality, and finally reveal one of the most unjust of injustices to the world, please consider pledging for one of the levels to the right.

To be able to offer this to book to the world and put an extra wag in the tails of dogs around the world, please help however you can to make this dream of a project become a reality. You can pledge here for a copy of the book and a host of other rewards – including incredible original illustrated prints, as well as opportunities to accompany both the author and (perhaps more importantly) – his dog, on philosophical ramblings in scenic locations.

Once the book is funded the team at Unbound will start making it and, once it's ready, send it out to all you wonderful people.

Of course, it won’t happen without your support. So please pledge to help me hit 100%, get a copy of the book and a cool reward, and finally reveal that long-hidden truth: that all the most famous human philosophers stole their best ideas from their canine companions.

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  • Samuel Dodson avatar

    Samuel Dodson

    Rosie Benson avatar

    Rosie Benson

    My name is Samuel Dodson and I'm a twenty-something writer based in London. My early philosophical teachers were my Lab-Collie cross, Layla, who taught me that not all tennis balls need to be chased, and my border terrier, Marnie, who showed me that obeying orders isn't always strictly necessary (especially if food is involved). Having grown up with dogs, it quickly became apparent to me and my sister (whose incredible illustrations in this book blow my mind) that the real masters of philosophy in the world were of the four-legged variety; and so Philosophers' Dogs was born.

    When not seeking to spread THE TRUTH about our canine companions, I spend a lot of my time working with unbelievably brilliant artists, writers and creatives through Nothing in the Rulebook - a creative collective inspired by the idea that there should be nothing to stop you from chasing the tennis balls of your own imagination.

    I tweet as @instantidealism.

    Rosie Benson
    I am an artist currently living in the North of England, following stints in London and the South West.

    I grew up in a lovely village called Timsbury & went to school in Bath. I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Illustration at University in Bristol.

    It feels like a funny thing to call myself an artist as for many years it hasn’t been my main source of income, as I guess is true for many artists. It seems more appropriate to say that I’ve been artist in my heart, and sometimes in my head, for my entire life.

    I certainly wasn’t going to turn down the opportunity to collaborate with my brother on his wonderful book.

    I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember, favouring the use of pencil, pen and watercolour. I wouldn’t say I have a signature style but when Sam pitched the idea of Philosophers’ Dogs to me, I was immediately drawn (pun intended) to the challenge of illustrating his book. I relished the chance of having fun with this fascinating concept, playing with art to subvert and satirise different images and figures.

    Dogs have been part of the family my entire life, with one particularly special furry friend ‘Hector’, a beautiful, loyal and dependable Dalmatian. Although he has departed this mortal coil I know he would want me to do my best, to do justice for all the dogs out there whose philosophical ideas have been ignored and stolen for far too long.

  • Samuel Dodson and Rosie Benson have written 3 private updates. You can pledge to get access to them all.

    9th March 2020 Walkies down memory lane

    Here’s a little something you might have already guessed: we love dogs. Adore them, in fact. There; we said it. But while this might not come as the greatest of all surprises, dogs have always been part of our lives – and they’ve shaped them for the better.

    Now, as anyone who has grown up with dogs will attest; canine companions fill your lives with stories. Whether that’s because of the time…

    14th February 2020 Valentine’s Dogs

    Well, it’s that time of year again; love is in the air, and Hallmark shareholders are rejoicing. It’s Valentine’s Day, of course – and we’re here to tell you why, this year, all you need is dogs (to paraphrase John Lennon).

    We’ve been going through the original thinking of canine philosophers (and even some humans!) to pull out some of the absolute best quotes from our four-legged friends about…

    31st January 2020 Biscuits means biscuits

    So, it’s finally here. Over 3 years after the dogs of the UK voted for more biscuits, in perhaps the most significant canine referendum, canines across the country will be receiving the aforementioned biscuits at precisely 11pm this evening.

    It is a topic that has dominated doggy discourse ever since that fateful election day in June 2016, with pooches from Scotland to Cornwall all barking…

    30th January 2020 Over 75% of the way there...

    Hello friends! 

    Firstly - some good news! 'Philosophers' Dogs' is now over 75% of the way towards our funding target. That is, quite simply, amazing - and we couldn't have got there without you, our wonderful, brilliant, superlative-defying supportes. So thank you, thank you, thank you. You are genuinely the best (but you knew that already, right?)

    Now, what does that mean for the book? Well…

    2nd January 2020 New year resolutions from some of the wisest philosophical dogs

    Happy new year, amigos! 

    Well, a new decade is upon us, and we hope you had the most marvellous of festive breaks. Sam spent December in New Zealand, meeting lots of (very good) dogs and learning about their own philosophical inclinations. We thought it would be mighty remiss of us not to introduce you to some of the canine comrades he met on his travels, and to their personal fur-losophies. There…

    11th November 2019 For this week only...10% off!

    Howdy, partners! 

    So, we're now at 65% of our crowdfunding target, which means we've smashed through the 60% barrier and - as a result, Unbound are offering everyone the chance to get a 10% DISCOUNT on any pledge or upgrade made this week. 

    All you need to do is use the code OVER60 and you can get 10% off on pre-orders of our book, as well as our selection of post cards, philosophical dog walks…

    7th November 2019 Christmas is coming earlier and earlier each year...

    You've noticed it already, haven't you? Halloween has come and gone and they're already stocking mince pies and chocolate snowmen in the stores - perhaps even putting up sparkling fairy lights in town. There's something in the air and it's not just the snap chill of winter... 

    That's right, Christmas is just around the corner and, while many folk are starting to plan their office Christmas…

    15th October 2019 Philosophers' Dogs in the news!

    Hello everyone! 

    So we're just a couple of backers away from reaching the giddy heights of 60%! We couldn't have got this far without each and every one of you and it means the absolute world to have your support. 

    It seems our little project is also one that appeals to quite a few folk out in the ether, and we're extremely pleased to bring you this short update to let you know about some of…

    16th September 2019 COMPETITION TIME! Win a FREE personalised 'paw-trait' of your dog (worth £300)

    As we move past the half way point in our campaign, we're launching a 'Philosophers' Dogs' competition that will give you (and your friends & family) the chance to win a FREE personalised 'Paw-trait' of your dog, worth a whopping £300. 

    You just need to send us a pic or video of your dog along with an appropriate philosophical quote! Our favourite dog & quote combo will win.  


    1st September 2019 Ohhhhh, we're half-way there....

    Blimey! We've only gone and hit 50% of our crowdfunding target! Can't really say just how grateful we are to each and every one-hundred-and-eighty-one of you fabulous, amazing, brilliant folk who have helped us get this far. Honestly, there are no supurlatives that do justice here. So, let us simply say, firstly, THANK YOU. It's all downhill from here. 

    This week, we'll also be sending you all…

    2nd August 2019 Let's have a PAW-ty

    Supporters of Philosophers’ Dogs, unite! By pledging to support our project, you’ve all thoroughly proved yourselves to be absolutely tip top people. Although we’re still very much on our crowdfunding journey, we wanted to pause and take a moment to say THANK YOU to everyone of you, and to say thanks for your continued support, we wanted to invite you to a very special event…

    That’s right, you…

    16th July 2019 “We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.” – Alan Chewring

    News, everyone! And not the fake kind.

    We are now officially a third (A THIRD!) of the way towards making "Philosophers’ Dogs" a reality and that means you (our wonderful, brilliant supporters) are all a third of the way closer to getting all of your philosophical canine merch & experiences. Happy days!

    News; news; and discount codes

    Of course, there’s still two more thirds to go, but…

    19th June 2019 Philosophers' Dogs - an extract

    Hello friends! 

    We have reached over 25% of our funding target, which is really quite ruddy fantastic. We're quarter of the way up the crowdfunding mountain - or, to put it another way, if each one of you lovely people who has supported the book so far were able to persuade 4 of your friends/family/long-lost acquaintances to support the book as well, we'd be at 100% and the book and all the lovely…

    31st May 2019 "Achieving great things is like going on a very good, long walk - not through a single great stride; but rather through a series of short steps, taken one after another. Often in pursuit of squirrels." - Vincent van Woof.

    Hello friends! We've reached 20% of our goal and you are helping us take the little steps we need towards making 'Philosophers' Dogs' a reality. Having been quite literally in an underground military bunker for most of this week, it was the most incredible feeling to emerge, blinking, into the glorious light of my laptop screen to see that this second milestone on our journey towards publication has…

    17th May 2019 Small steps; big strides

    Philosophical canine greetings amigos! 

    It is still early days in our crowdfunding journey but Rosie and I are so pleased to announce that we have just hit 10% of our crowdfunding target to make 'Philosophers' Dogs' a reality. And we've done that before the end of the first week (heck, even before the COP on Friday so we've still got oodles of time to get this figure even higher!)

    Thank you…

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