By Suzie Wilde

The gripping conclusion to the Book of Bera trilogy

Sci-fi & Fantasy | Fiction
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Publication date: January 2023

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The time of peace is over. The time of war has begun.

Torn apart by the tension of being both an ordinary woman and extraordinary in her ability as a Valla to shape the future, Bera finds freedom only at sea on her beloved longboat. Weakened by the quest for Obsidian, she finds that Vikings have taken her kin as slaves on Wolf Island and she follows. This loss, especially of her daughter, makes the struggle to form some pattern from her solitary childhood into being a loving wife and mother harder still.

 A holy war is threatening this brutal land and only Bera can bring peace to save her people. She uses her smith’s iron lore and the knowledge of her Valla ancestors to follow an ancient path to a labyrinth deep underground. Once in this dark space, where human time is meaningless, she is forced to confront the spirit past. Finally knowing herself, she must make a choice that could bring her peace – and human love. Can she survive to find it?

The voyage that began with The Book of Bera: Sea Paths in 2017 and cotinued with Obsidian in 2019 ends with Landfall, Bera's most dangerous and important journey of all.

"Wonderfully imagined, full of character and intrigue, the Bera trilogy is instantly compelling, showing us how strange the past was, but also how similar it is to the present.  Very highly recommended." LEE CHILD


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  • Suzie Wilde avatar

    Suzie Wilde

    Suzie Wilde was born in Portsmouth in late summer, nearly on the beach. She is the sixth child of eight: the only girl and only survivor. Her father built a cabin cruiser called Freya but they both left one winter and she still  misses the boat. 

    After teaching, Suzie has had many jobs: maritime researcher, masseur, postman, artist, podcaster, but always to support her writing. She gained an MA with Distinction in Creative Writing in 2011 and writes full time. She is mentor to fellow authors, runs workshops and most recently has a monthly book programme on local radio. Co-presented with a local independent bookseller, Talking Books promotes everything to do with reading.

    Her debut novel, The Book of Bera: Sea Paths was published by Unbound in 2017; the sequel, Obsidian in 2019. Landfall is the final part of the trilogy, but also stands alone.

  • 1.

    Hefnir was dead.

    Bera told Heggi to steer and went forward to get clean air and think. She was bone-tired. Beneath the hull of her beloved Raven, sea creatures were returning to the empty sea; shimmering and flicking quicksilver flashes that should have made her glad. Instead there was a strange emptiness inside her. She had saved all the beasts of land and air, the settlers and children yet to come - but none of them knew.

    Hefnir could have told them.

  • 12th December 2021 Corryvreckan: Our Maelstrom


    Photo by Arvid Høidahl on Unsplash

    Can you hear the sucking? We have the third largest whirlpool here in the UK and it features in LANDFALL. I call it the Corrybrecken in a story that must be told to stop the Blue Men swamping the longboat. First, an apology for the long wait. I think it will be worth it and it was confidential until publication: My editor, Liz Garner, was editing her father…

    19th August 2021 Neolithic rhythm (and blues) at Butser Ancient Farm


    The origins of music - is it hardwired into us all in the womb, or as early humans? Both, probably. I'd like to share a couple of fascinating minutes with Trevor Creighton, an archaeologist at Butser Ancient Farm, who is leading the reconstruction of a Bronze Age roundhouse. Here, he's talking about building a neolithic longhouse. There's much, much more in the full length interview I did…

    14th June 2021 Hello, Stranger

    I know. Robbed of money and then I vanish. So I'll keep this very simple for new subscribers (the old ones know authors go to ground for a while - and it's probably a relief!). I'm busy making an early draft into something that I'm proud of before I send it to my Development Editor in July. So ... on, on!

    Here's a picture instead, especially for anyone catching up with the trilogy. (Did you know…

    20th March 2021 Ice Island had Bera - and Iceland has Yrsa

    If you don't already follow Yrsa on Twitter, I really recommend it: she's very funny. Which is rather typical of crime writers, especially in Iceland. Anyway, truth isn't necessarily stranger than fiction because a good story usually comes from good research. So Obsidian has fantastical elements but catastrophic volcanic eruption wasn't one of them. And Yrsa (meaning Bear) is not only an award…

    27th February 2021 Nice Buns - and how to get them!

    Photo by Scott Gummerson on Unsplash

    Sorry, I couldn't resist trying to get your attention ...

    Some of you loyal supporters will remember that in July 2017 when Sea Paths was just published, Richard and I swapped homes with Jonas and his family. We lived in their home in Sweden while they came to Chichester. He had brilliantly arranged for us to row a traditional long boat to an island church…

    16th February 2021 The Skraken Wakes: Bera’s Infinite Sea Chart II

    Or, how to trace a drawing. Trawling through distant memory from schooldays, I used baking parchment before I got fancy. To find out what this is all about watch the short film with the sound on. 

    26th January 2021 Bera's Map: An Infinite Sea Chart

    So here I am - only a few pledges away from 80% funded and that's in lockdown! To say I am grateful to you lovely supporters is an understatement. I have not been idle. Determined from the start that Bera's journey would be completed with Unbound, I've been making sure the draft I will send to my wonderful editor is the best it can be. And then - this. The small picture shows two of the drawings…

    22nd December 2020 Gift Certificate

    Look at this beauty!

    If you deleted the Obsiidan update, here's what you missed ... or if you're a new supporter, this is what the Unbound elves have made for you:

    We've found it handy as a not-in-person gift this Christmas, so hope you do too! All you have to do is pledge in the recipient's name and then download a gift certificate HERE 

    Have the best Christmas you can. It will be memorable…

    8th December 2020 Ravens Gift

    It will come as no surprise to dear supporters that Iceland is (besides home) my favourite place in the world. It's also where the best Writers Retreat takes place each spring (except this year, of course!) and in 2019 I had this beauty amongst other celebrations of Icelandic design and culture: and now I'm going to give it to the person who gets me to 70%! What's more, I'll send it as soon as…

    21st November 2020 Heart to Heart

    How does Landfall link Armistice Day, Krakow and Auntie Kate being a spinster?

    15th October 2020 Thank you

    This short audio clip is a sincere thank you. It contains the very first two paragraphs, written in December 2010, that became The Book of Bera: Sea Paths. Little did I realise that her story was to become a trilogy, completing in 2020 only thanks to generous supporters like you. I'm so grateful that I promise not to bombard you with updates :) Spread the word!

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