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A remarkable record of what it's like to be in a landscape, from a regular contributor to Caught By The River. A book of visions; both visual and verbal.

"The art of Maxim Peter Griffin attunes itself to the spirit of a place. Or is it spirits? Griffin’s is a strange, playful, stubborn kind of vision – in the best tradition of Stanley Spencer or Eric Ravilious. He animates landscape, brings pylons to life."
Tom Jeffreys, author of Signal Failure

Field Notes is about looking. It is about exposure to the elements. It is about deep history and the present. It is about being present in space, a space that happens to be Lincolnshire.

Field Notes is about landscape. It is about topography and time. Chalk and flint and sea marsh. The coming and going of the sea, Neolithic farmers and the razzle dazzle of weary coastal towns. It is as much about the ghost of a mammoth as it is the scream of a jet fighter, heading east. It is about movement – the strike of a brush, the pan of a camera – flames in the woods. Each drawing is a still from a film – a film that is under constant production inside Griffin’s skull.

Field Notes is part of a tradition – it is kin with the cave painters and the antler scratchers, JMW Turner, Raymond Briggs, Alan Garner and Alan Moore – it is about taking a place and looking at it over and over again and with each looking it becomes strange and new. It is about battle fields and burial mounds, old gods and dirty water, tracer fire bouncing into the mouth of the mighty Humber. It is the biography of a territory in full colour, raging in the first light of day.

It contains Werner Herzog, sausages and mild peril.

Field Notes will be 128 full colour pages of paintings and words; a beautifully designed and bound hardback printed on art paper.

Maxim Peter Griffin is an artist, illustrator and writer based in Lincolnshire. A fine art graduate and former stonemason, over the past few years he has been building a body of work that echo his experiences on foot between the North Sea and the hills.

Griffin walks, draws and reports back. The first phase of his Field Notes was a regular feature on Caught by the River and he writes monthly articles on his looking for Lincolnshire Life magazine.

Griffin is married, has four young sons, two dogs and sees the sun rise every morning.

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