Field Notes

By Maxim Peter Griffin

A remarkable record of what it's like to be in a landscape, from a contributor to Caught By The River. A book of visions; both visual and verbal.

Art | Illustrated
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Publication date: May 2022

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A signed book plus a unique original painting of a Lincoln landscape (Humbrol acrylics on 12" x 8" canvas) by Maxim

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"The art of Maxim Peter Griffin attunes itself to the spirit of a place. Or is it spirits? Griffin’s is a strange, playful, stubborn kind of vision – in the best tradition of Stanley Spencer or Eric Ravilious. He animates landscape, brings pylons to life."
Tom Jeffreys, author of Signal Failure

Field Notes is about looking. It is about exposure to the elements. It is about deep history and the present. It is about being present in space, a space that happens to be Lincolnshire.

Field Notes is about landscape. It is about topography and time. Chalk and flint and sea marsh. The coming and going of the sea, Neolithic farmers and the razzle dazzle of weary coastal towns. It is as much about the ghost of a mammoth as it is the scream of a jet fighter, heading east. It is about movement – the strike of a brush, the pan of a camera – flames in the woods. Each drawing is a still from a film – a film that is under constant production inside Griffin’s skull.

Field Notes is part of a tradition – it is kin with the cave painters and the antler scratchers, JMW Turner, Raymond Briggs, Alan Garner and Alan Moore – it is about taking a place and looking at it over and over again and with each looking it becomes strange and new. It is about battle fields and burial mounds, old gods and dirty water, tracer fire bouncing into the mouth of the mighty Humber. It is the biography of a territory in full colour, raging in the first light of day.

It contains Werner Herzog, sausages and mild peril.

Field Notes will be 128 full colour pages of paintings and words; a beautifully designed and bound hardback printed on art paper.

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$30  + shipping
407 pledges


Hardback limited edition of the book plus an ebook.
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Ebook edition of the book.
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  • Maxim Griffin avatar

    Maxim Griffin

    Maxim Peter Griffin is an artist, illustrator and writer based in Lincolnshire. A fine art graduate and former stonemason, over the past few years he has been building a body of work that echo his experiences on foot between the North Sea and the hills.

    Griffin walks, draws and reports back. The first phase of his Field Notes was a regular feature on Caught by the River and he writes monthly articles on his looking for Lincolnshire Life magazine.

    Griffin is married, has four young sons, two dogs and sees the sun rise every morning.

  • Maxim Peter Griffin has written 4 private updates. You can pledge to get access to them all.

    4th October 2021 The Eastern Horizon

    Now then. 

    It's been awhile - things have been busy in the Field Notes camp - edits, copy edits, image edits - ideas, changes, teamwork, compromise - all good stuff - stuff that takes time.

    Anyway - I'm happy to report that a cover has been approved and is ready to roll out - the plan is to set it loose on Thursday - ecstatic goose action.

    Things will be picking up pace for Field Notes…

    18th September 2020 The Lay of the Land

    Now then. 

    I hope this finds you well and I hope you can forgive my lack of updates.

    It's been a grinding few months.

    40+ hours of night shifts a week at the pointy end of adult social care, 4 sons to wrangle, the weirdness to navigate...

    The plans I had for the making of Field Notes fell apart as soon as the lockdown began - bloodied at the first ditch, tangled in wire and murk - the…

    17th February 2020 Proceed



    Field Notes hit 100% over the weekend. 

    Hopefully all the drum banging and tin rattling has been somewhat entertaining.

    All of your patience, kindness and support has not gone unnoticed -


    Thank you - all.


    The working has begun.

    I went out to the sea this morning - the spot where the video was filmed.


    It was wilder today

    Feedback weather- edge of the…

    14th January 2020 The Great Opera in the Jungle


    I have been busy - somewhat hectic -

    responsibilities keep me pinned down 


    The making of Field Notes has never been a race though.

    It happens when it happens  - also - I'm not afraid of time


    stellar death in the dunes of Humber

    gull on gull combat over Outer Trial Bank


    woods on fire

    moonlight on Belmont


    just need a few more hands to…

    3rd August 2018 Progress + things

    Alright comrades !

    It's been a while since I've sent out an update - hectic times - but here goes..... 

    Field Notes is going pretty well I reckon. Over five and a half grand raised so far with 207 very wise backers to thank - Awesome work so far. It's a huge production budget to meet, largely due to printing costs - Field Notes will be full colour throughout ( all the colours ! ) and that's…

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