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So Here It Is, The Autobiography

By Dave Hill

How the boy from Wolverhampton rocked the world with Slade

Biography | Music
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Publication date: November 2017

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Hi, it's Dave here, from Slade.

Over the years, when people hear stories about my life, they always say: 'Write it down, Dave!'

So, I've written my autobiography for you, my fans, and for my family, especially my grandkids. I turned seventy this year and for fifty of those years Slade have been a major part of my life. It seems the right time to finally to share my story with you. I've got plenty of funny tales but also some others which show that my life hasn't been all rock 'n' roll.

Most of all, I wanted to tell it as it is, and tell it my way, that's why I'm publishing my book with Unbound.

I was born in castle and then grew up in a council house in Wolverhampton. I had a smashing mum and dad, but things were tough growing up in post war Britain and my life really changed when I heard rock 'n' roll music. I said goodbye to an office job at Tarmac and never looked back. I played in various groups before fame came knocking at my door.

Slade's success didn't happen overnight but boy, were we big when we took off! We had 23 top twenty hits and six number one singles. Three of these went straight to the number one spot - a first, not even matched by The Beatles. Topping it all was 'Merry Xmas Everybody', which sold over one million copies. We also had six smash LPs, and one time had the number one and two spots on the LP chart. All this made Slade the biggest band in the UK in the 70s, and we were massive all over the world, too.

Slade had some great years but fashions change and the break-up of the original band was heartbreaking. I thought that would be it for me.

I battled through depression and got over a stroke, and decided to carry on doing the thing which I do best: I went back on the road with Slade. I've seen more of the world, and more fans, in the last twenty-five years than I did when the band were at their most famous.

Writing my book has been bit like researching an episode of 'Who Do You Think You Are?' I discovered that my mum and dad had pretended to be married, and even had a false wedding. Also, the burden of having an illegitimate daughter, my half sister, was a shame that nearly drove my mum to suicide. There's quite a few other surprises in my book too. Like the time Carol, my sister, was kidnapped and Jan, my wife, was held hostage in a bank robbery...

I'll always be the boy from Wolverhampton, where I still live, with my wife of over forty years, surrounded by my kids and grandkids. I'm also still Dave Hill, Superyob, rocking the world with Slade!

Many musicians have cited Slade as an influence, including grunge bands Nirvana and the Smashing Pumpkins, punk and indie pioneers the Ramones, the Sex Pistols, the Undertones and the Clash, heavy metal acts such as Kiss, Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard and Quiet Riot and rock groups including Cheap Trick and Oasis.


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    Dave Hill

    Dave Hill was born in a castle in Devon, the son of a mechanic, and moved back with his parents to Wolverhampton when he was a year old. He bought his first guitar from a mail order catalogue and received a few lessons from a local teacher before teaching himself to play. Although he is left-handed, he has always played right-handed. He worked in an office for Tarmac Limited for over two years before becoming a full-time professional musician.

    He originally played with drummer Don Powell in a band called The Vendors, which became the The N' Betweens. When Jim Lea and singer Noddy Holder later joined, the band renamed itself Slade.

    In the 1970s, Slade were the biggest band in the UK, and went on to have 23 Top 20 hits and six number one singles. Three of these singles entered the chart at number one (an achievement that even eluded the Beatles). Released in 1973, Merry Xmas Everybody went on to sell a million copies and has charted every year since. Slade's film Flame is still cited to this day as one of the all-time great music films. Dave's outlandish costumes, hair styles, shoes and make up, also made Slade one of the visually defining groups of the Glam era.

    After the break-up of the original band, Dave Hill has helped and supported local and national charities and eventually reformed Slade with Don Powell. Twenty-five years later, they are still regularly touring the world, playing to hundreds of thousands of fans. In 2010 during a concert in Germany, Dave suffered a stroke, from which he made a fully recovery.

    Dave married his wife Jan in 1973, and they have three children and four grandchildren. They still live in Wolverhampton. In 2016, Dave turned 70, and it also marked the 50th anniversary of Slade forming.


    In the summer of 1968, we received one of the most bizarre bookings of even our career. It turned out a bit like one of those ‘60s pop group films, only in real life, but looking back at it, it was a bit of a turning point for the band. Without that summer, I don’t know if Slade would ever have been the band and the people that we became.

    Our agency, Astra, in Wolverhampton, got an offer for us from a guy called Ken Mallin. He was from Willenhall originally, right on our patch, but now he was living in the Bahamas, on an island called Freeport. Nobody knew how he’d come to be living out there, but anyway, he wanted to book us. Either he’d seen us early on, because we used to rehearse and play a bit in Willenhall, or somebody from back home had told him about us. Either way, he sent a request to our agent to book us at a club on Freeport called Tropicana.

    We couldn’t believe it. We’re a bunch of working class lads off council estates and before we’d got the band going, it was a bit exotic to go the other side of Wolverhampton. Now we’re being asked to go to the Bahamas. Seriously, I’d never been on a plane because this was before all the package holidays came in. You’d usually go to Skegness or Rhyl or Tywyn, there was Butlins, Pontins, that was it. Planes were for the posh people.

    It all seemed a bit surreal. Slade in the Bahamas? Nowadays, you’d be doing Skype calls or sending emails and all that to check out whether it was straight or not. But back then, a phone call to the Bahamas was £1 a minute, which was a fortune. So we couldn’t call him up to find out if it was all ok, but the agency said it was for real, they were dealing with him by telex because this was even before faxes.

    We were still a bit dubious about it, but we went off and saw this old lady who was supposed to be his mom, still living in Willenhall. She said it was all above board, so who were we to argue? Even then, we didn’t really believe any of it until the tickets arrived, and they cost a fortune as well! The offer was that we would have a residency, not earning a lot, but it was the Bahamas so we didn’t mind.

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    30th October 2017 Event and Signing Dates in UK

    Exciting news - Dave Hill will be appearing at the following events and signings across the UK later this month to coincide with the publication of So Here It Is. 

    Tuesday 14th November An Evening with Dave Hill, in conversation with Mike Read 

    The Robin 2, Wolverhampton

    Thursday 16th November  Waterstones Manchester Trafford, signing…

    8th September 2017 An Intimate Evening with Dave Hill at The Robin 2

    Tuesday 14 November 2017

    The Robin 2

    20-28 Mount Pleasant



    WV14 7LJ

    Advance Ticket Price: £15.00 Door Price: £17.00

    Doors 7.00pm

    On stage 8.00pm

    All seated event

    To celebrate the publication of Dave Hill's autobiography, So Here It Is, DJ Mike Read will be in conversation with Dave, talking about his amazing life and sharing some unseen photos.


    16th June 2017 So here it is... My autobiography is finally written.

    So here it is... My autobiography is finally written.

    Eighty thousand words in total, covering over seventy years of my life. Obviously I couldn't include every detail and every story but I've put down on paper everything which is important to me. As I've said before, in writing my autobiography, I've learnt a lot about myself and my life. There are a few surprises in here too, things which I had…

    15th May 2017 So Far, So Good

    A lot of momentous events spurred me on to write my autobiography. Reaching seventy, surviving a stroke and seeing my grandkids born. Then Slade, as a touring band, being big again. These all made me stop and think, and for once, instead of racing forward, I looked back.

    For the first time I asked myself 'how come Slade, at their peak, were so huge?'

    Instead of just re-tracing my life and enjoying…

    3rd May 2017 Dave Hill, Private Eye

    I've wanted to write my autobiography for donkey's years but it wasn't until I was a granddad that I thought it really was about time. I wanted to share my incredible life with my grandkids, and the rest of my family and friends, and of course, with all of the brilliant fans of Slade.

    For my grandkids I wanted to write the complete story of my life and background, but, to begin with, there were…

    10th March 2017 1973. A Year of Highs and Lows.

    1973 turned out to be a dramatic year. A year of great highs and lows.

    We had three straight to number one singles - Cum on Feel the Noize, Skweeze Me Pleaze Me and, at the end of the year, Merry Xmas Everybody. To say that these were huge hits would be an understatement. The pre-orders for the Christmas single alone were 250,000 copies! Slade was the biggest group in the UK and massive all over…

    13th February 2017 Wolverhampton, My Home Town

    This week, Dave looks back at his home town of Wolverhampton.


    There can't be too many rock stars who still live were they grew up and walk around their home town each day. I love Wolverhampton and its people and wouldn't live anywhere else. I've got some lovely memories of growing up as kid in the Post War Wolverhampton. Also, Slade wouldn't have made it big without the love and support of…

    6th February 2017 How Rock N Roll Changed My Life

    To celebrate the book hitting its target, here's a video from Dave on how rock n roll changed his life. 

    Dave says: 

    "I still vividly remember hearing for the first time the music of Buddy Holly, Elvis and Cliff Richard and The Shadows. It had a massive impact on me. I finally knew what I wanted to do, who I wanted to be and how I could express myself.

    It wasn't just the sound but also the…

    17th January 2017 Some snaps...

    Hello all, 

    We thought we'd share a few photos that will be featuring in the book as a 'sneak peek' exclusive! 

    Here are some photos from Dave's childhood: 

    Dave's Mum and Dad 


    The 'Castle' where Dave was born 

    Dave as a young boy - look at that cheeky smile! 

    Dave's first birthday card 

    Please help us spread the word about the book, so we can get it funded…

    23rd December 2016 Dave Hill Rocks Christmas

    Hello everyone, 

    As promised, here is the now working Christmas video! Dave explains the rock n' roll influences on Merry Christmas Everyone. 

    If you haven't seen already, there are two new pledge levels, including a chance for you to get your hands on a Superyob t-shirt and signed book. If you've already ordered a different level, then you can upgrade your pledge. Just make sure you're logged…

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    Is the book goin on Amazon?

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    Hi Keith, Thanks for getting in touch. If we reach the crowdfunding target then we will publish the book and it'll be available from all of the usual book retailers, including Amazon. If it doesn't reach its target however, then it won't be published anywhere so please do spread the word to anyone who you think will enjoy Dave's story! Best wishes, Caitlin - Community Manager

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    Hi Keith, sorry for the delay in getting back to you, and thanks for your question. I'm sorry, but there's currently no plans for Slade to tour the States in the near future, but we had a great time there in the 70s and 80s. It's a wonderful country and we absolutely loved New York City, wow, what a place. Slade actually lived there for short while and I really enjoyed the great vibe of the city. I loved playing the city so much, and would love to come back, sometime in the future. We met some lovely people and did some great gigs in the Sates. We even toured with the Grateful Dead (that was an eye opener) and ZZ Top, but there's lots more about that in my book. All of our tour dates are on the Slade website:, so keep an eye on there for tour news. You never know! Don't forget, to PLAY IT LOUD! Dave

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    Is their a time period for pledges to be made for the book?

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    Hi Steve, Dave's shed is where we'll be posting lots of information about the book as well as extra 'sneak peek' material such as videos and photographs. Look out for emails about new posts! Best wishes, The Unbounders

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    Don't forget to mention your book at the concert on the 16th of December at Mount Pleasant

    Dave Hill
    Dave Hill replied:

    Hi Robert, Thanks for the reminder and I hope that you're at the gig. We love playing at the Robin 2, it's our second home! It's also right next door to where I first meet Don, over fifty years ago. It's great seeing so many familiar and local faces there and it will be fitting when we play TAKE ME BACK HOME. I think we may be playing a certain Christmas song there too... Keep on rocking, Dave

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    Hi Henry, There is now a £50 level that includes a t-shirt and a collectable (signed) hardback. I hope that helps! Best wishes, Georgia, Unbound

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    Unbound replied:

    Hi Iain - thanks for reaching out. Dave would love to talk to you. Can you email me on asap and we'll see what we can sort out.