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A ground-breaking collection of essays written by British hijabis

Perceived as the visual representation of Islam, hijab-wearing Muslim women are often harangued at work, at home and in public life yet are rarely afforded a platform of their own.

In books and in the media we are spoken on behalf of often by men, non-hijabis, and non-Muslims. Whether it is radical commentators sensationalising our existence or stereotypical norms being perpetuated by the same old faces, hijabis are tired. Too often we are seen to exist only in statistics, whilst others gain a platform off the back of the hostilities we face.

Cut from the Same Cloth seeks to tip the balance back in our favour. The collection will feature essays from 15 middle and working class women of all ages and races who will look beyond the tired tropes exhausted by the media and offer honest insight into the issues that really affect our lives. From modern pop culture to anti-blackness, women’s rights, working life; this first of its kind anthology will examine a cross section of British hijabis and the breadth of our experiences. It’s time we, as a society, stopped the hijab-splaining and listened to the people who know.

It's time for change.

This anthology will include essays from Sabeena Akhtar, Azeezat Johnson, Hodan Yusuf, Myriam Francois, Ra'ifah Rafiq, Raisa Hassan, Rumana Lasker, Shaista Aziz, Sofia Rehman, Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan, Suma Din, Sumaya Kassim and Yvonne Ridley.

Sabeena is a blogger, researcher and writer currently working for radical non-profit publishing house Tilted Axis Press.
In 2016 she was commissioned to curate an online library of writers of colour for advocacy organisation, Media Diversified. She is also involved in the organisation of Bare Lit, the U.K’s principal festival celebrating remarkable writers in the diaspora and was invited to speak at the inaugural Jhalak Prize ceremony. In 2017 she partook in the BBC’s coverage of the 70th anniversary of Indian independence and alongside her daughter, filmed a programme on the Partition of India for children.
She has since been invited to discuss the subject on various media outlets. Controversially for this topic, Sabeena does not have a PHD in Gender Studies or Women living under Fatamid rule. She has never been a counter terrorism advisor, an ex-Muslim, travelled extensively around the Middle East; or whatever else qualifies someone to speak on behalf of Muslim women. She has however, been a hijab-wearing Muslim woman for most of her adult life, which hopefully suggests some level of expertise in the area!
She enjoys sarcasm, Eastenders, tea and decolonisation.
You can find Sabeena tweeting at @pocobookreader

Open Submission Opportunity!

Thursday, 8 March 2018

If you’re a British Muslim woman who wears the hijab/ has experience of wearing the hijab we want

to hear from you!

This International Women’s day, we are proud to be able to open up Cut From The Same Cloth to


Inspired by the lack of representation of hijab-wearing Muslim women in publishing, editor, Sabeena Akhtar has teamed up with Unbound to bring together 15 new and established…

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