Craftivist Collective Handbook

By Sarah Corbett

Twenty craft projects to help you make a positive difference in our world

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It sometimes feels like the only way to create change is to stand up and fight for the world we want to see. To march under giant banners and shout to have our voices heard. But if there’s time for the loud, there’s also time for the quiet. If there’s time for the fast, there’s also need for the slow.

At Craftivist Collective we're helping to make a world where everyone feels seen, heard and valued. It's our hope that anyone from anywhere can use our unique Gentle Protest approach to craftivism (craft + activism) in a way that offers solutions, provokes thought and inspires action.

The Craftivist Collective Handbook is going to be a beautiful, hardback book of 20 craftivism projects and tools to help you on your journey as a positive and effective changemaker. Each project explains ‘How To’ create these ethical craftivism projects and just as importantly ‘Why To’ so that you can fulfil the potential of your campaign with both a strong strategy and mindful process.

Each project will be accompanied by wise words from Neuroscientist Dr Daniel Glaser as well as case studies and quotes from diverse craftivists around the world who have used our projects to create real positive change. Much of this handbook can be shaped or adapted for the issues you care about locally, nationally or internationally. 

The collection will include: 

  • Craftivism projects that you keep for yourself as physical memory devices to encourage yourself and loved ones to be part of the change you wish to see in our world
  • Craftivism projects that you make as bespoke gifts for power-holders and decision-makers to encourage them to be part of the solutions to injustice not part of the problem 
  • Craftivism projects that provoke thought and action in the public sphere, from passersby of your Street Craftivism, customers finding hidden messages in pockets of clothes they might purchase, to people interacting with installations you can create
  • How to set up your own effective gentle craftivism workshop/event 
  • Gentle Protest colours to use 
  • Gentle Protest language to use 
  • A code of conduct for your craftivist community to sign up to
  • And so much more!

We believe this book is needed now more than ever. That’s why we are making it with you through Unbound: experts in creating bespoke books for discerning audiences. As a crowdfunder of Craftivist Collective Handbook, you'll be investing in people all around the world – often introverts, burnt-out activists and people who feel alienated by other activist groups or tactics – who want to learn how to use their hands for positive societal change. 

By funding this project, you can also follow our journey behind the scenes and even tell us the kind of content you would find most helpful. We will be proud to include your name as a changemaker in the back of every copy. 

With your help we aim to have your special edition copy ready by Spring 2023. We’ve got some great, exclusive, ethically-made rewards too that we think you’ll love. 

Come join us in making hope possible rather than despair convincing! 


‘Craft can provide a valuable method of self-reflection and meditation. In an age where our views are polarised, I’ve experienced personally how the Craftivist Collective allows people the gentle space to engage in their own views while they create something meaningful, and this book is a vital guide to understanding that process.’ 

JAMIE CHALMERS, Founder of MrXStitch magazine and

‘I'm a big fan of the Craftivist Collective and this handbook is needed now more than ever: Sarah offers a refreshing, mindful approach to activism that will appeal to avid crafters and novices alike.’ 

TILLY WALNES, Founder of Tilly and the Buttons

‘I have supported Sarah’s incredible work through the magazines I’ve edited for a decade. This will be such an important book for the times we live in, such a useful tool for craftivists, activists and audiences new to changemaking around the world that compliments her other books. It’s also something I am so proud to be a part of.’ 

LARA WATSON, former magazine editor of Mollie Makes, Oh Comely and Project Calm

‘Sarah’s is a thoughtful, empowering and inspiring approach to activism that works. This book is a great gift to the diverse global craft audience.’

MOMTAZ BEGUM-HOSSAIN, award-winning journalist, author and craft expert.

‘Unbound are delighted to be working with Sarah again. In her last book she introduced us to the philosophy of ‘gentle protest. Now she’s back with a book that shows us all how to actually change the world (complete with a step-by-step by guide). Personally, I could not be more excited!’

JOHN MITCHINSON, Co-Founder and Publisher of Unbound

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  • Sarah Corbett avatar

    Sarah Corbett

    Sarah Corbett is an award-winning activist, author and Ashoka Fellow. She founded the global Craftivist Collective in 2019 after demand from around the world from people wanting to join in her projects and events. An introvert born and raised in a low income area in Liverpool in the 1980s she saw the effect inequality could have on communities first hand and took part in local and global campaigns.

    Sarah joined her local community squatting in social housing to save them from demolition aged three (they won) and joined her parents on a trip to South African to learn about the Peace and Reconciliation work of Mandela and Tutu. She became a professional campaigner for large international charities by day, and joined many activist groups as a volunteer by night. She’s dedicated over 12 years to the Craftivist Collective and has delivered over 300 workshops and events to over 20,000 people, consulted for and collaborated with the arts sector on how to use craftivism at their events, trained charities to use craftivism effectively and has given talks and university lectures around the world.

    Working with diverse organisations from Save the Children to The Climate Coalition, Crafts Council and Maker Faires, Victoria and Albert Museum to Secret Cinema, she helped to create the new Girlguiding UK Craftivism Badge and is passionate about bringing loving effective activism into new spaces to reach new audiences.

    Lara Watson is an editor and writer who has spent nearly a decade heading up the leading craft magazines in Europe. She helped launch Mollie Makes magazine, a creative lifestyle title that revolutionised the newsstand craft offering, and edited it for three years. Her most recent editorship was Project Calm, a popular international quarterly about mindfulness through making. Before that, she enjoyed a stint at the helm of beloved indie mag, Oh Comely.

    She is a regular contributor to Etsy’s UK blog, and a champion of indie businesses and handmade goods. Lara has joined Sarah on the Craftivist Collective journey from the start, commissioning her to write features, promoting her projects and campaigns and supporting her at events and workshops. Having backed Sarah’s first book, How To Be A Craftivist, she was the obvious choice to edit this sister title, using her expertise to shape a beautiful and indispensable Handbook that’s accessible to all, whether the reader considers themselves a craft buff or a complete beginner.

  • 17th January 2022 Handbook is progressing well :) Canary Craftivists Manual is out now

    Happy 2022 lovely Craftivist Collective Handbook Supporters - all 1531 of you so far!:)


    I hope this year is treating you well and it becomes full of happy moments for you in the months to come. 


    "For those of you, like me, who are impatient to get their hands on The Craftivist Collective Handbook, I have to remind myself of Sarah's mantra 'Be the Tortoise' – slow and steady wins…

    17th January 2022 We finally have a date of release! :)

    Dear Handbook supporters :) 

    I can finally confirm that the Handbook will be in your hands February 2023 and in stores Spring 2023. I know this sounds like such a loooong time to wait for a book. Please let me explain the reasoning for this timeline and reassure you that time flies, it will be worth the wait and it's important we create a thoughtful book that will be useful for years to come…

    18th November 2020 An important diversity question about our Craftivist Handbook and my honest answer...

    Dear gentle Craftivists and supporters, 

    I always see respectful challenging questions as a gift: an opportunity for me to stop and check my intentions, values and strategies in our work. Often the question comes from someone directly affected by the issue they have raised and I am always grateful for their honest vulnerability, time and energy to share their concern especially when it can be upsetting…

    11th November 2020 YAY! We're passed half way = 52% with 661 Supporters! Thank you lovelies. Help us spread the word :) x

    Dear Crafivist Collective Handbook supporters, 


    Eek! I have to send a big biiiiig THANK YOU for believing in and being the first to support this unique project book. Because of your speedy and kind support we've reached 52% of the target in less than 40 days since the launch. This will no doubt help attract more people to be part of making this beautiful book become a reality.  



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  • TJ Miller
    TJ Miller asked:

    Any Idea when the book will be published and shipped? I made a pledgefor two books and one is intended to be a birthday preesent soon.

    Sarah Corbett
    Sarah Corbett replied:

    Hey TJ :) The book can only be written and made once we have reached 100% of the funding target. I hope we can reach the target before March 2021 and for the book to be in your hands and on bookshelves Spring or Autumn 2022. It's a slow process sorry.

    Bea Albanese
    Bea Albanese asked:

    Hi Creativist Collective, I am so happy to have stumbled upon you and am really excited by this project! I was wondering though (and this question may be subject to change given the current target for shipping) whether the physical rewards will be sent out in sustainable packaging? Also, will the sustainability of the materials used to create the finished hardback be considered? I've spent the past year living without a general waste bin (only putting out recycling) and mostly just avoiding things I wasn't sure about, but I'm trying to be braver and ask questions rather than just shying away; I hope you don't mind! :)

    Sarah Corbett
    Sarah Corbett replied:

    It’s a great question thanks for being brave and asking Bea:) The book will be made out of FSC approved paper and all Unbound books are packaged in a cardboard wrapper with no plastic inner. Most physical rewards will just be packaged in cardboard as we try to avoid using plastic as much as possible, however sometimes breakables will be wrapped with bubble wrap. Unbound team and I are really keen and intentional on sustainability for this whole production. I hope that answers your question and thanks for your support :)

    Stephen Usins Yeardley
    Stephen Usins Yeardley asked:

    Hello there Sarah, this is a great project. Thanks for bringing to the world. I hope you can tell me where the launch party will be if I choose that pledge option, please. I can't find anything on these pages, or your website, that says where you're based. An apology if I'm missing something obvious, and thanks in advance for your help. Take care.

    Sarah Corbett
    Sarah Corbett replied:

    That’s totally my fault for not making it clear. The launch party will be in London hopefully close to Liverpool Street Station so it’s as easy to travel to as possible for people. I hope that helps Stephen & thanks for asking. I will ask Unbound staff to make that clear on the reward package for others. :)

    Gigi White
    Gigi White asked:

    Hi I see the book is being published in 2023.... I won't be living at my current address then. What do I do? Will there be a chance to update my address before the book is posted. To be honest, I'll probably forget about it in the next 2 years so I will need a hint.

    Unbound replied:

    Hi Gigi, Thanks for supporting the book! We will ask supporters to confirm their delivery address about a month before we are ready to dispatch so that we are sure we are sending the book and rewards to the right place. Just keep an eye on your emails closer to the publication date!