Synced: Understand Technology and Make it Work for You

By Tom Merritt£24.99 + Shipping
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About The Book


Essential reading on the technological developments driving global change

Technology is everywhere. It permeates all aspects of our lives, shaping work, culture, lifestyle, politics and relationships. It’s changing things at an exponential rate and most of us would be lost without it. But are we thinking about it enough, and in the right ways?

In Synced, Tom Merritt, award-winning co-host of the Daily Tech News Show, busts past the shallow takes and misunderstandings to focus on the most interesting and important questions about technology in the world today. He’ll cover everything from mixed reality and cybersecurity to the AI revolution and technology in government, as well as electric vehicles, the chip arms race, drones and the possibility of wireless power. He'll look at how we got here and speculate on the issues of tomorrow. What is an algorithm and how does it work? How does encryption keep my personal information personal? Why might cryptocurrency and blockchain be more than just get-rich-quick fads? You’ll find out here.

As well as being a fascinating journey beneath the surface of a world that we usually take for granted, Synced will equip you with the methodological tools to understand future developments, allowing you to make positive choices and ensure that technology works for you - not the other way round.

I want people to use this book to understand the world around them better. If it can reduce the fear, uncertainty and doubt about technology, and help readers make better decisions about how to use tech, it will have been well worth the effort.

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