Landfall: Book III in 'The Book of Bera' Trilogy (A thrilling Viking adventure)

By Suzie Wilde£5.99
Status: published
Publication Date: 19.01.2023Available
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About The Book

The time of peace is over. The time of war has begun.

Bera is struggling to reconcile her desire to be an ordinary woman with the weight of her Valla duty to shape the future. Love and friendship vie with her longing for freedom at sea on her beloved longboat. Warned that Chaos is coming and that Vikings have taken her kin as slaves, Bera realises her destiny is to follow them to Wolf Island, a land that has abandoned the old gods.

In a quest to save her loved ones, Bera must use her smith’s iron lore and the knowledge of her Valla ancestors to follow an ancient path into a dark labyrinth, where human time is meaningless. There, she confronts her worst foe to finally bring peace – at the cost of a life.

The voyage that began with Sea Paths and continued with Obsidian ends with Landfall, Bera’s most dangerous and important journey of all.

‘Gripping Viking story, rich with immersive detail and colour. Suzie Wilde is exceptionally good at building an authentic experience for the reader, plunging us deep into a vivid world so that we dwell and breathe alongside Bera as she hurtles towards her final, unforeseen conclusion. A delight’ Jane Borodale

‘With Landfall, Suzie Wilde has completed a richly inspired trilogy’ Lesley Thomson

‘Suzie Wilde writes about the eternities of the sea with more than accuracy. There is such empathy in her description that the reader stands beside Bera in the Raven... Landfall is written as though it was a tale told in the circle of firelight. Bewitching and compelling, it pulls the reader deep into another world... Magic and mysticism are not sprinkled like special effects but are brilliantly integral to the spell cast by this beautifully written novel’ Alistair Moffat

‘Cunningly woven… fresh and raw like the North Wind’ Snorri Kristjánsson

Landfall is a brilliant, dramatic, emotional conclusion to Suzie Wilde’s 'The Book of Bera' trilogy
By Greg Mosse

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