Ain't Afraid of No Ghost

By Paul Gannon£25.00 + Shipping
Status: being written
Publication Date: TBCAvailable
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About The Book

A memoir about Ghostbusters, ghost hunting and mental health.

Paul is lost, depressed and suicidal.

After countless hours of therapy, counselling and long dark nights of the soul, Paul was given a piece of advice. Maybe he should get a hobby. Maybe take up a sport? A craft? Donate some time to a charitable cause? He decided to go ghost hunting. What began as an unusual weekend hobby soon spiralled into a weird world of believers, sceptics, paranormal tourist groups, supernatural theatre shows and wound up with a trip to the largest gathering of Ghostbusters fans in the world. Ain't Afraid of No Ghost is a comedic tale of what happens when life and death collide via one man’s passion for a 1980s family movie. Paul isn’t shy about his love of Ghostbusters and how it informed his childhood and career choices.

When it comes to ghost busting, Paul asks why do we continue to look for life after death? What compels people to spend hours in the dark hunting for frightening spectres? And why is the Ghostbusters logo facing the wrong way? P.s. the cover artwork is by the amazingly talented @Vorratony.

The Wirral. 1984. Six-year-old Paul Gannon dragged his exhausted family to a screening of the movie Ghostbusters. That experience changed Paul’s life forever…

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    An audiobook recorded by Paul

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    Audio movie commentary to all 3 Ghostbusters movies (maybe 4 by the time the book comes out).

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    Two tickets for an intimate live show (and meet and greet with Paul).

  • Updates From The Author

    The End is Nigh... In a good way!

    Hello, I thought it was (probably) about time to create a quick update on this project! So, as it stands, I am about 9% away from reaching my goal for this book. That's exciting/terrifying. It's also ...


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