Craftivist Collective Handbook

Craftivist Collective Handbook

By Sarah Corbett£25.00 + Shipping
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Publication Date: 02.05.2024Available
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About The Book

Introducing craftivism: being creative as an act of protest, solidarity and advocacy.

It sometimes feels like the only way to create change is to stand up and fight for the world we want to see. To march under giant banners and shout to have our voices heard. But if there’s time for the loud, there’s also time for the quiet. If there’s time for the fast, there’s also need for the slow.

The Craftivist Collective helps to make a world where everyone feels seen, heard and valued. It's their hope that anyone from anywhere can use our unique Gentle Protest approach to craftivism (craft + activism) in a way that offers solutions, provokes thought and inspires action.

The Craftivist Collective Handbook is going to be a beautiful, hardback book of 20 craftivism projects and tools to help you on your journey as a positive and effective changemaker. Each project explains ‘How To’ create these ethical craftivism projects and just as importantly ‘Why To’ so that you can fulfil the potential of your campaign with both a strong strategy and mindful process.

Each project will be accompanied by wise words from Neuroscientist Dr Daniel Glaser as well as case studies and quotes from diverse craftivists around the world who have used our projects to create real positive change. Much of this handbook can be shaped or adapted for the issues you care about locally, nationally or internationally.

I'm a big fan of the Craftivist Collective and this handbook is needed now more than ever: Sarah offers a refreshing, mindful approach to activism that will appeal to avid crafters and novices alike.
Tilly Walnes, Founder of Tilly and the Button

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