What are cookies?

Cookies are small files of letters and numbers that are downloaded onto your computer or mobile phone or other handheld device when you visit a website. Cookies allow a website to recognise a user’s device and help your browser navigate through the website by allowing you to log in automatically or remembering settings you selected during earlier visits (among other functions). Cookies do not harm your computer/device.

How we use cookies

We use cookies to understand how people use the Unbound website and to help us make your experience of our website better. Some of them are essential for the Unbound website to work properly.

Generally our cookies perform four different functions:

  1. Essential cookies

    These cookies are used for technical purposes essential to the effective operation of the Unbound website, particularly in relation to online transactions.

  2. Functionality cookies

    We use functionality cookies to keep track of what books you’ve pledged for and remembering who you are when you return to our site. We don't save personal information such as credit card details in the cookies we create.

  3. Performance cookies

    We use performance cookies to help us analyse how visitors use the Unbound website and to monitor performance. This allows us to provide a high quality experience by customising our offering and quickly identifying and fixing any issues that arise. For example we use Google Analytics cookies to help us understand how customers arrive at the Unbound website, browse or use our site and highlight areas where we can improve such as navigation, shopping experience and marketing campaigns.

  4. Targeting cookies or Advertising cookies

    These cookies collect information about your browsing habits in order to make advertising relevant to you and your interests. They remember the websites you have visited and that information is shared with other parties such as advertisers. For example we may partner with third party ad networks to manage our advertising on other sites, who may use cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies to collect or receive information about your activities on our website and elsewhere on the internet and use that information to provide targeted advertising based on your interests.

How to manage cookies

To learn more about cookies and how to manage them, visit AboutCookies.org.