Underdogs: Uprising

Underdogs: Uprising

By Chris Bonnello£10.99 + Shipping
Status: published
Publication Date: 08.02.2024Available
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About The Book

It’s the last days of the war. The fate of humanity is at stake. The stage is set for the Underdogs’ final battle.

After thirteen months of vicious warfare, the fight between the Underdogs and Nicholas Grant’s forces is almost at an end. The neurodiverse heroes of Spitfire’s Rise have fought a war to be proud of, however their greatest challenge still lies ahead.

In this epic conclusion to the series, the world is on the brink of annihilation and the survival of humankind hangs in the balance. Grant is finally in a position where he could be defeated – but, once again, the Underdogs do not have numbers on their side. They must overcome the odds that have been stacked against them since day one and infiltrate New London to prevent global destruction.

Underdogs: Uprising sees the Great British Rebellion come to a head in a cataclysmic showdown. Nobody knows what the country and the wider world will look like once the dust settles around the survivors; the only certainty is that the final night of the war will determine the destiny of the human population.

Admirably unusual, and serves real purpose. Bonnello writes with furious energy, and is writing the books that teenagers might relate to.

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