Invisible Rainbows: Exploring the Unseen Universe Beyond Our Senses

By Dr Alfredo Carpineti £35.00 + Shipping
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About The Book

On Titan, Saturn’s biggest moon, scientists believe that rainbows exist. Made from a rain of methane, their light is in the infrared, which is only detectable to us using thermal cameras. Millions of miles away, on another familiar planet, the ultraviolet aurorae gives Mars an ethereal sky glow. And much further out, X-rays have enabled us to locate supermassive black holes in distant galaxies.

From radio waves to gamma rays, Invisible Rainbows: Exploring the Unseen Universe Beyond Our Senses examines how accessing light beyond the visible is transforming our understanding of the Universe. Human ingenuity combined with cutting-edge technology is leading to groundbreaking discoveries. Astronomers are using all the light that exists to discover new celestial objects, uncover phenomena originally believed impossible, and upend what we thought we knew about the cosmos.

Featuring interviews with a diverse selection of astronomers and researchers from all around the world, astrophysicist and science journalist Dr Alfredo Carpineti elevates the voices of the people making these incredible breakthroughs. Combining their insights with his own expertise, he describes how our increased ability to see the whole electromagnetic spectrum is allowing us to unlock long-standing mysteries in the invisible Universe.

Infrared astronomy encapsulates so much of the opportunity that seeing the universe with other wavelengths allows. There are things that we know full well exist, but we would not be able to tell without this portion of the light spectrum. Planets and their atmospheres, stars, brown dwarves, supermassive black holes, and even whole galaxies.

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