Hot Singles in Your Area

By Jordan Shiveley£30.00 + Shipping
Status: being written
Publication Date: TBCAvailable
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About The Book

Hot Singles in Your Area is a novel by Jordan Shiveley the writer behind the Dread Singles (@hottestsingles) twitter account.

Noah Bezdan doesn’t know whether he has been writing these single ads or they have been writing him. A job is just a job, right? At least… until it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Or was that a doom fulfilling prophecy? Either way, Noah hasn’t been sleeping very much as of late and that doesn’t even begin to explain all the blood…

Unsure whether HOT SINGLES is right for you? Don’t worry: these words will find their way into your deepest, darkest dreams soon enough. Of course, you could try and run…that would be…amusing…

'Shiveley brings his dark biting wit and his air for cosmic horror from the digital realm to the printed page, and the results will leave you laughing, shuddering and looking over your shoulder.' David Demchuk, award-winning author of The Bone Mother

'Devastating in its bottom-of-the-grave black humour, Hot Singles in Your Area reminds readers that life is precious, eeting and has already been promised to the Void.' Jen Vaughn, Goosebumps: Download and Die!

It is rare that a work feels as comfortable as a warm towel straight out of the dryer and as disorienting as unseen nails dragged across the back of your neck
By Steven Dunne, author of Seed of Doubt

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