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The funniest book ever written
Josh Weinstein, showrunner of The Simpsons

The Incomplete Framley Examiner

The Editors
Status: published
Publication Date: 07.07.2022
  • Ebook£11.99
  • Paperback
The funniest book ever written
Josh Weinstein, showrunner of The Simpsons

In 2001, fans of the internet were introduced to scanned pages from spoof local newspaper The Framley Examiner. Packed with humdrum and preposterous news stories, classified ads, local business features and headlines that seemed to have been typed while asleep, it skewered the banal madness of small-town existence, perfectly encapsulating the British national character.

Framley’s strange yet familiar community – stuffed with its own cast, insane geography and rich local history – struck a chord with those who recognised their own home towns in its reflection. The website was loved and shared by an eager public as well as famous fans from Little Britain, The Simpsons and the Cambridge Centre for Theoretical Cosmology (Professor Stephen Hawking was a Framley enthusiast).

Marking the twentieth anniversary of the website's first appearance The Incomplete Framley Examiner combines the pages of the original book, published in 2002, with all the pages published online in the years since and brand new material for a bigger, more luxurious, toilet-proof compendium for the annals of history.

'Packed with hard laughs' Bob Odenkirk, Better Call Saul

'Some of the funniest, cleverest satirical pieces of writing in the world' Aisling Bea, creator of This Way Up

'So accurate and perfect you would think it was the real thing' Jeremy Dyson, The League of Gentlemen

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