Everyone Everywhere: Mixed Race Family Stories

By Lucas Fothergill£35.00 + Shipping
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About The Book

The story of mixed-race Britain, told through entertaining interviews and archival research

In 2011, a story broke: over the past ten years, the number of mixed-race people in Britain had doubled into the seven-figures.

The ever-forgetful media squawked as if mixed-race Brits were a new phenomenon. But mixed-race people have lived in Britain for hundreds of years. This fascinating history matters, yet is rarely told. It’s about one of the fastest-growing groups of people in the UK, yet we rarely hear from them as a group. It's time to change that.

With the latest census data about to be published, there couldn't be a better time to share this collection of voices, stories and memories from mixed-race people of different ages and backgrounds. Some of the their stories are challenging to read and others are tinged with sadness, but collectively, this collection is celebration of diversity, mixed heritage and everyday family life.

In the 1930s, only hundreds of mixed people lived in Britain and its port cities, yet between 2001 to 2021, the mixed population trebled into the seven figures. What was once a trot is now a stampede. According to some estimates, almost a third of Brits will be mixed by 2100. This is a huge group of people we barely hear about, an identity we created but rarely consider, whose history is often ignored. Everyone Everywhere will help to change that.

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