Daughters of the Nile

By Zahra Barri£9.99 + Shipping
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Publication Date: 13.06.2024Available
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About The Book

Paris, 1940. The course of Fatiha Bin-Khalid’s life is changed forever when she befriends the Muslim feminist Doria Shafik. But after returning to Egypt and dedicating years to the fight for women’s rights, she struggles to reconcile her political ideals with the realities of motherhood. 

Cairo, 1966. After being publicly shamed when her relationship with a bisexual boyfriend is revealed, Fatiha’s daughter is faced with an impossible decision. Should Yasminah accept a life she didn’t choose, or will she leave her home and country in pursuit of independence? 

Bristol, 2011. British-born Nadia is battling with an identity crisis and a severe case of herpes. Feeling unfulfilled (and after a particularly disastrous one-night stand), she moves in with her old-fashioned Aunt Yasminah and realises that she must discover her purpose in the modern world before it’s too late.

Following the lives of three women from the Bin-Khalid family, Daughters of the Nile is a bold debut novel that examines the enduring strength of female bonds. These women are no strangers to adversity, but they must learn from the past and relearn shame and shamelessness to radically change their futures.

'Hilarious and heartwarming, a triumph! A glorious celebration of women'Sadia Azmat, comedian and author of Sex Bomb

‘Original, compelling, witty and historically illuminating ... Essential reading’ Helen Lederer, founder of Comedy Women in Print

Barri has brought legendary Egyptian feminist Doria Shafik to life in these pages and shone a light on an integral part of modern Egyptian political history.
Yousra Imran, author of Hijab and Red Lipstick

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    £9.99+ Shipping
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    Dear Readers, SALAMWALAYKUM Firstly I want to say a HUGE thank you for pre:ordering, Daughters of the Nile. I’m not sure why I have put a semi colon between ‘pre’ and ‘order’ but for some reason it fe...


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