Change Everything

Change Everything: How we can rethink, repair and rebuild society

By Natalie Bennett£10.99 + Shipping
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Publication Date: 04.04.2024Available
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About The Book

We are living in a social, political, economic and environmental emergency. The status quo is profoundly unstable; change is inevitable. Now is the time to get together to build a far healthier and more balanced world, it is time to Change Everything

Natalie Bennett is on a mission to transform the way we think about our world. She explains how universal basic income will decommodify time and free people up to choose how best to use their energy and talents; she emphasises the importance of free education for everyone, for life; she encourages the pooling of assets, from sharing tools with your neighbour to fairly enjoying the planet’s natural resources. From organising a litter pick or petitioning for a pedestrian crossing, from rethinking the financial markets and tax havens to re-evaluating the criminal justice system, Natalie has formulated a holistic, hopeful and practical vision for the future where people can really ‘do politics’.

If we can bring together the imagination, talents and energy of everyone invested in change to rebuild and repair our societies, then a positive future is within our reach.

This book is a tonic! Positively bristling with countless common-sense solutions to restore human and planetary wellbeing, Change Everything powerfully sets out what needs to be done and how to do it. Both practical and hopeful, it’s essential reading for anyone who wants a route map to a fairer, greener future
By Caroline Lucas

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