Talking Bottom

By Mat Brooks, Angela Pearson and Paul Tanter£23.00 + Shipping
Status: being written
Publication Date: TBCAvailable
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About The Book

In September 1991 a new comedy graced British screens – at first glance just another sofa-based sitcom – but Bottom was like no other show that’s gone before or indeed since. It skewed viewers’ expectations by being juvenile, crude, violent and very, very funny. Two of life’s losers, trapped on the fringes of society, endured miserable existences and sought solace wherever they could get their kicks; booze, birds and each other’s b*llocks.

Written by and starring prolific comedians Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson, Bottom set itself apart from their already celebrated previous work, such as the iconic The Young Ones, and merged cartoon-style slapstick with nob gags and Beckett-style nihilist humour.

Bottom won a British Comedy award and ran for three series, five live stage shows and feature film, Guest House Paradiso. Today fans make do with repeated viewings and, thanks to various streaming platforms, Bottom continues to delight and disgust new audiences.

But that wasn’t enough for some sad old gits. In 2018, three comedy vultures – Mat Brooks, Angela Pearson and Paul Tanter – jumped on the podcast bandwagon so they could pick over their favourite sitcom. Piggy-backing off Rik and Ade’s success, the podcast found fellow die-hard fans that were surprisingly keen to listen to three nobodies’ discussions.

Every podcast forms one-hour portions analysing each Bottom episode. Now, lazily using the same title as the podcast, Talking Bottom: A Guide to the Cult Sitcom will not simply parrot what you can download for free. It will be the first and only critical study of Britain’s best-ever comedy series.

. . .lost scenes cut and not printed in the script books – providing fascinating insight into how Rik and Ade’s writing process evolved.

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