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Map to the office

How to find us

We’re at the Waterside warehouse, number 44–48 Wharf Road. A ten minute walk from Angel tube station.

Head right out of the station and walk along Upper St. When you reach the York pub, take a right down Duncan Street.

Keep going until you reach a zebra crossing just by the Islington Tunnel, then slip down to the canal towpath.

Walk along the cobbled path past City Road Lock and Basin until you reach the brick steps up to Wharf Road. At the top of the steps should be The Narrowboat pub. Head right down the road and you'll arrive at a large yellow brick warehouse called Waterside. That’s our home.

We’re number 18 on the buzzer.

(Oh, and when the gate opens, give Alan the porter a little nod. You can’t miss him – he’s in the glass fronted office.)

Alternatively, if you need to post us something, our address is:

Unit 18, Waterside
44-48 Wharf Road
London N1 7UX

Why Unbound exists

Unbound was founded by three writers: Dan Kieran, Justin Pollard & John Mitchinson.

We think people who love books – primarily readers and writers – deserve a say in what does or doesn't get published. You may not be aware of it, but even best selling authors are beginning to have very restrictive parameters imposed on the kinds of books they get to write. Put simply, there are lots of potentially great books we're not getting the opportunity to read.

Why we need a new way to publish books

Creating bestsellers is the main focus of all the major publishers. This is why celebrity biographies, TV tie-ins and genre fiction dominate the displays and promotions in major book retailers, but what do you suppose happens to the books that don't fall into those categories? Very little is the honest answer.

Nor does the traditional publishing process give readers any insight into the writing process or help to build a closer relationship between a writer and their readers. Unbound has been developed to do just that.

The Unbound model

The Unbound model is very straightforward: the author pitches an idea and if enough readers support it, the book goes ahead. Unbound is both a funding platform and a publisher, fulfilling all the normal publishing functions but also splitting a book's net profit 50/50 with the author. Under the traditional model an author is lucky to earn 10% of the cover price, whereas retailers are regularly expecting discounts of over 60%, plus a contribution to the costs of display and marketing. This is why books with print runs of fewer than 5,000 copies make less and less economic sense – even though it is precisely these books that contain the most innovative and challenging ideas.

Unbound will keep the process transparent and simple: a reader helps great ideas get published, and in return receives an insight into the writing process and has their name printed as a patron in that and every subsequent edition. The current process is much more complicated.

The Founders

Justin Pollard
Justin Pollard

Justin is the author of nine books including Alfred the Great - the Man Who Made England and Secret Britain. He has also worked as a historical consultant on numerous feature films including Elizabeth and The Golden Age, Atonement, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and Agora as well as all four series of the BBC/ Showtime hit series The Tudors. He writes monthly columns for History Today, BBC History Magazine and E&T. He has twice been nominated Columnist of the Year.

John Mitchinson
John Mitchinson

John is an author and publisher and amateur pig farmer. Having been the first Marketing Director of Waterstone's he moved on to become a publisher at the Harvill Press and then Cassell & Co. His authors included bestsellers like The Beatles and Michael Palin, to prize-winning literary writers like Richard Ford, Alan Garner and Haruki Murakami. John is a Vice-President of the Hay Festival and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He writes a weekly QI column in the Saturday Telegraph.

Dan Kieran
Dan Kieran

Dan is the author and editor of nine books including; Crap Towns - the first viral internet phenomenon to turn into a Sunday Times bestseller, I Fought The Law - an exposé of the Blair Labour government's use of anti-terror legislation to crush lawful protest and Three Men In A Float - the story of his journey across England in a 1957 electric milk float in homage to Jerome K. Jerome.


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The fine print

Unbound is the trading name of United Authors Publishing Ltd, Registered Office c/o Leigh Saxton Green, Mutual House, 70 Conduit Street, London W1S 2GF.

For enquiries email us or call 020 7821 6561. We're @unbounders on twitter by the way.