You Are What You Read

By Jodie Jackson

Why changing your media diet can change the world

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

100%! We did it! ‘You Are What You Read’ is becoming a reality!

I could not have dreamt this in my wildest dreams, but it is official: WE DID IT! It took just 16 days to fund the entire print run of You Are What You Read. Together with almost 200 of you, we are making this happen!

Thank you so, so much: our book will be made!

If someone had told me we would be here, just two weeks and two days in, I would never have believed it. I knew I had five weeks to do it, and I knew I had to give it my all, but this is just beyond belief!

What matters so much to me is that each and every one of you cares enough about this topic to lend your support to the campaign. We’ve had individuals pledging anything from one book to 40, we’ve had universities and likeminded organisations spread the word, but mostly we have had all 197 of you joining the movement for a more constructive and balanced media. And there is simply no target figure that explains what that means. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


What happens next?

The most exciting part starts now: the book will be printed! Together with Unbound editors I will be working on finalising the manuscript, and then we will move through all the production stages from typesetting to cover design and all the other elements that make up a book. As soon as I have specifics around release dates and shipping, you will of course be the very first to know.

Pre-order will stay open!

For now, the most important message to spread is that the book remains available for pre-order right here on Unbound. Now the upfront costs for the initial print run are funded, we are able to start offering pre-orders for the e-book also, so if shipping costs outside of the UK were an issue for you, or you just prefer to read on an e-reader, you can pre-order the e-book only version from tomorrow.

I just want to clarify what happens with the funds too: all the money raised so far is what the publisher needs to produce the book – it does not actually include any income for me personally. Turning a profit was never my goal, as this book for me has been a labour of love and all I want is for it to get into the hands of as many people as possible. While it is amazing that almost 200 people will now get the book, I do of course hope that we will grow our readership much, much bigger. So if you haven’t yet pledged or know someone who might still be interested, please keep sending them to this page. Everyone who will still pledge through Unbound in the next weeks and months will also get their name printed in the book, and I am forever grateful to you all.

Together, we are kickstarting a consumer revolution for a more constructive media. I could not have done it without you – and I never would have wanted to.

Thank you, and to be continued!


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Jonathan Dransfield
 Jonathan Dransfield says:

Dear Jodie,

Congratulations I am really impressed, nearly there myself but still working on the last 7% on 'The Other Things'.
What do they put in your coffee? Really looking forward to reading it!

Jonathan Dransfield

posted 29th March 2018

Jane Taylor
 Jane Taylor says:

That's just fabulous Jodie! Congratulations and very well done, I am really looking forward to reading your book which will a really important contribution. Fantastically Positive News!!
Jane Taylor

posted 29th March 2018

Jodie Jackson
 Jodie Jackson says:

Thank you both so much for your engergising words of encouragement. I am so pleased to have you both on board in our movement for a more constructive media.

I really hope that you both like the book; it is now as much yours as it is mine! Thank you!

posted 7th April 2018

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