Untitled Mystery: A New Cain's Jawbone Puzzle

The Researcher's First Murder: A New Cain's Jawbone Puzzle

By John Finnemore£25.00 + Shipping
Status: being written
Publication Date: TBCAvailable
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About The Book

The next challenge for fans of Cain's Jawbone: the TikTok sensation and international bestseller.

A body is found stabbed to death in a locked room. The police find no weapon, no motive and no suspects.

However, the murderer has in their possession a box of one hundred cryptic picture postcards which – if properly understood – would explain not just this murder, but nine others. These are those cards.

Solvers must rearrange the pages of text to unravel the story and identify the murderer, victim and location for each of the ten murders. They must also consider the separate puzzles presented by the curious images on the other sides.

Can you explain The Researcher’s First Murder?

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