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From boots for dogs to knife-proof armour; ideas of a real-life inventor

Douglas Buchanan was an British inventor and designer. You probably haven’t heard of him, but he worked full time in his workshop with a small team creating new products for 30 years, and had more patents granted in his name than most other people in this country. His ideas included some wild and wonderful ones, such as boots for dogs, made to protect prison dogs from glass in riots; knife proof armour, designed for the police to upgrade their existing bulletproof vests, the Spectangle, a device for holding your specs; a revolutionary golf putter; and, his favourite, an underwater bike, perfect for snorkelers. In addition, he also designed jewellery and buckles for high end designers, including Jaspar Conran, Bruce Oldfield, and a special commission for Diana’s dress designers, the Emanuels.

A charismatic, clever man, he attracted press attention and was a guest on shows such as Tomorrow’s World and Eureka! with Matthew Kelly, as well as winning prizes at invention exhibitions in the UK and abroad. However, despite the acclaim, he had varied success with his ideas, including being victim of con artists and incompetence, and, combined with being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2002, he was eventually declared bankrupt.

Douglas was my stepfather. Come with me now as I delve through his notebooks, showing you his ideas and telling you the stories attached to each one. Let me tell you about a certain royal customer, or two, a court case that went into the textbooks as an example of how not to run a court case, of policemen running about in our garden, of the people who came to Douglas with a problem to solve. Let me also share with you what it’s like to sell a ‘wacky’ idea to the general public, how to get a patent and the daily routine of an inventor’s life. This book is a celebration of Douglas’s ideas, and even though he is no longer with us, his story deserves to be told.

Rachel Buchanan is a writer and producer who started her working life as an assistant in Douglas’s workshop, polishing buckles, assembling spectangles, making jewellery and trying to wrestle the filing system into shape. Since then she has worked mostly in the arts, including managing an art house cinema and the Free Word Centre, a centre for literature and free expression in central London. Her love of words comes from growing up in rural Shropshire, where you have to make your own fun, and she has a degree in American Literature, as well as a slightly more obscure master’s degree in legal research. These days she combines writing with producing festivals and events throughout the country, including the inaugural Killer Women crime writing festival in Shoreditch, and the Wye Valley Chamber Music festival. Vice Chair of the Camden Poetry Group for several years, she has realized that poetry is not really her thing, but is really enjoying telling this particular true story.

Boots for dogs

Back in 1993, there was a major disturbance at Wymott prison in Lancashire, and during the riot several prison dogs were injured when they got glass and other sharp objects in their paws. Head of HM Prison Dogs Service, Steve Allen, decided it was time to better protect prison dogs, and set out to look for someone to help in solve the problem. Two year later, in 1995, a small article appeared in the Prison Service News July/August edition, with the headline ‘Prison Dogs get the Boot!’ He had found his man, the boots were now a reality. And their creator? Douglas Buchanan. Here’s his prison dog boot design:

And here’s a prison dog wearing them:


Rain getting you down? Never fear, here are some inventions to help you out!

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Stupid idea 2

I don't know about you, but I am unimpressed by the weather this month. I often walk to work and this week that has involved soggy feet, wet hems and fancy footwork as I leap away from the curb to avoid lorries splashing me as they charge through puddles. So much for summer! At least the inventing community has been hard at work finding ways to help us with this age-old problem. Wikipedia tells me…

In the world of inventors this week... inspiration for inventors great and small

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Got a good idea that you want to develop but don't have the resources? Then Nesta's new Inventor Prize is looking for you!  Announced this week after a period of consultation, the prize is £50,000 funded by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, aimed specifically to: 

  • Support the development of selected products
  • Build the capacity of prize participants (inventors)
  • Champion…

By Royal Appointment

Monday, 29 May 2017

I got a message from a friend's parents yesterday to tell me that there was a programme on ITV 3 that they thought I might like. The programme was By Royal Appointment, and it was on ITV 3 just this weekend. I have only met my friend's dad once, but our conversation had been an interesting one because it turns out he had worked for the Royal Protection department of the Metropolitan police, so naturally…

The challenges of researching the recent past: Tomorrow's World, today

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Iw 0309

I had a very sad conversation last week with the wife of my stepfather's patent agent. I had dialled their number, dug up from the family address books, crossing my fingers that after so many years they still lived in the same house. I was lucky, in that she answered, and remembered my stepfather, but unlucky in that her husband had died in December and therefore couldn't answer my (suddenly no longer…

Fame, fame at last! Or at least, Radio Shropshire tomorrow!

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Gary dog training sleeve garden 3

Hi everyone,

For a relatively shy person, I am finding this crowd-funding malarkey all a bit of a trial, but one thing I realise I just can't stop doing is thinking about, writing about and talking about this project, The Underwater Bike and Other Stories, which is proving so much fun to do, delving through my stepfather's notebooks, learning of inventions and ideas I never knew he had and revisiting…

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