Tories: The End of an Error

By Russell Jones£25.00 + Shipping
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About The Book

Tories: The End of Error is the final – please God, let it be final – volume in the satirical trilogy that that has catalogued every fib and fatuity of the past fourteen years of Tory rule.

Based on his riotously popular #TheWeekInTory thread on the platform formerly known as Twitter, Russell Jones aka @RussInCheshire offers us a rollicking, rip-roaring, impeccably sourced and blackly comedic first draft of history.

The Decade In Tory covered 2010 to 2020, from the coalition to Covid, and was followed by Four Chancellors and a Funeral, which focussed on 2021 and 2022, quite simply the most deranged 24 months of political carnage in living memory. Tories: The End of an Error will continue in the style of the previous two volumes: accurate, fully referenced, and packed with sardonic wit.

After a quick summation of the shambles to-date, the book dives straight into the failing, plastic managerialism of Rishi Sunak’s gap-year in office. There will be no highlights, clearly, but the lowlights will include: the rise and fall of Suella Braverman; Boris Johnson’s resignation honours list (and Nadine Dorries’s berserk reaction); the short-lived rise of Penny Mordaunt (briefly tipped to be the next Tory leader on the basis that she looked good dressed as a Poundland logo while holding a sword); the Covid Inquiry, the Partygate Inquiry; the scandal-laden resignations (too many to list); the endless failure to tackle climate change, housing, migration, cost of living or, frankly, anything much; and, finally, and as a grand finale: the inevitable, half-formulated jumble of preening idiocy that will be the forthcoming General Election.

Russ will deliver his manuscript as soon after the election as possible (your guess is as good as ours) and the book will follow as soon after that as we can manage.

In the meantime, strap in tight as Russ takes us on the final (*praying hands emoji*) rollercoaster ride of the Torygeddon circus…

I do not know how Russell Jones creates his magnificently witty, acerbic almanacs of Tory idiocy without being driven round the bend by what he is summarising . . . What a dazzling keeper-of-record Jones is. Honestly, further praise is superfluous.
Howard Goodall

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