Across Time and Space

Across Time and Space

By Tony Cross£35.00 + Shipping
Status: being written
Publication Date: TBCAvailable
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About The Book

Across Time and Space is a journey through all of televised Doctor Who.

It began as a blog. I had decided to watch all of Doctor Who in order. Watching them in broadcast order allowed you to get into the rhythm of each era. You got used to the difference in style and pace of 60s TV compared to 70s TV and so on. Episodes I thought I didn't like, I enjoyed immensely. Stories that were well-loved I sometimes struggled with. But I enjoyed all of them even when I didn't think they were great. There was always something you could enjoy. Even if the plot made no sense. So, I thought it would be good to turn that blog into a book. A unofficial companion to Doctor Who.

It's not meant to be the final say on anything. They're my opinions. But I wanted something that might encourage others to take up the journey. To dip back into the William Hartnell era. Or find out why Sylvester McCoy is hard done by.

And I don't expect people to agree with my opinions. Indeed, I'd be disappointed if you did. You can mock my attempts to compare stories to Shakespeare plays. You can see through my blatant nostalgic love for Tom Baker and (almost) all his works. This is a book I want you to interact with. And if I can persuade anyone to love 'The Web Planet' as much as I do then I think my work will be done.

After each review Tony has scored the story out of ten; there is also a space for readers to fill in their own scores.

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  • Updates From The Author

    Almost there . . .

    Hi all, First of all, thank you for your patience. I have been working on the first draft for some time but issues around my own life - both mental and physical - have meant that this has taken longer...

    Doctor Who Am I

    Hello all, Another update! This one is to point you in the direction of a new documentary, Doctor Who Am I, directed by Matthew Jacobs and Vanessa Yuille. Some of you may recognise Matthew Jacobs' nam...

    Old Doctors, New Doctors and an Update

    Hello all, Firstly an apology for the lack of updates. A combination of my actual job and various health related issues - which are ongoing but being managed - put a spanner in the preverbial works. T...

    Guide to Watching Classic Doctor Who . . .

    I originally wrote this for a friend of mine, Katie, and I've edited here to help as a guide to getting into Classic Doctor Who if you've never dipped in before. I have put them in order of Doctor and...

    Flux: Once, Upon Time (A Sort of Update)

    Hello all, Thank you for the continued support. I've attached a video of Mr. TARDIS's Doctor Who podcast on which I appear talling about Once, Upon Time and other Doctor Who related issues, including ...

    Flux: Once, Upon Time (A Sort of Update)

    Hello all, Thank you for the continued support. I've attached a video of Mr. TARDIS's Doctor Who podcast on which I appear talling about Once, Upon Time and other Doctor Who related issues, including ...

    Flux: War of the Sontarans

    Another highly entertaining episode in Part 2 of Doctor Who: Flux aka War of the Sontarans. This episode has slightly less threads to it as the focus is on the battle with the Sontarans it still has m...

    Flux: The Halloween Apocalypse

    Morning all, Today is the morning after the first new Doctor Who for some time. The first part of a six part story: Flux. As you're all supporting this project I thought I'd put my first thoughts here...

    Read DAN NERDCUBED's introduction plus new SIGNED LEVEL

    Hi everyone, we thought you might enjoy reading Dan's wonderful (and very funny) introduction to the book. Dan has also agreed to a joint signed book level with Tony. If you felt like sharing details ...

    Halloween Who

    I thought I'd drop you all an update. We're ticking along on the fundraising, but probably a tad slower than I would like. Please help me get the message out there to as many people as possible (espec...

    Ushering in a new(ish) era of Doctor Who: RTD2

    - A note from Tony Cross - So, last week the BBC announced that Russell T. Davies (hereafter RTD) would be returning to Doctor Who as showrunner. To quote the official Press Release: "Russell T. Davie...

    Choosing the title "Across Time and Space"...

    Dear all, When we were thinking of a title for the book Across Time and Space we loved it not just because it is a play on Tony’s name (Anthony Cross = A Cross) but also because Time and Space is a ph...

    Tony's Top Ten New Doctor Who Stories

    Tony chose his Top Ten New Doctor Who Stories and featured them on his blog, and we thought you'd enjoy having a read here too... This was an interesting exercise. Partly because I realised that it sc...

    Who fancies a Classic Doctor Who watchalong?

    -An update from Tony Cross- Hello, thanks everyone who has already signed up to support 'Across Time and Space'. There's a long way to go yet, but it is lovely to see how much interest there is out th...


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