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A biography of Barbara Mullen, one of the twentieth century's great fashion models


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A hardback first edition of Barbara Mullen’s biography. At all pledge levels, supporters’ names will be featured in the book’s acknowledgments pages.


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A special edition of the biography, featuring an extra 24 images which focus on the behind-the-scenes world of fashion modelling. Drawn from Barbara Mullen’s archive, these include contact sheets, outtakes and unpublished alternates by William Klein, Milton Greene and Richard Avedon, as well as a number of personal photographs.


Two hardback first editions, sent to a single address. For three or more copies, please contact Unbound.


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Barbara Mullen didn’t have any ordinary retirement; instead, she opened a fashion boutique in Klosters, just as the resort embarked on its jet-set heyday. Frequented by royalty and movie stars, Barbara’s Bazar was one of the first stores to champion designers like Sonia Rykiel, Emanuel Ungaro and Kenzo. To celebrate her biography, Unbound are producing a limited-edition fine art print of the boutique’s playful advertising poster, starring Barbara (and her Vidal Sassoon bob) as drawn by illustrator Gail Kernan. Subscribers will also receive a hardback first edition of The Replacement Girl and their name in the back.

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Two hardback copies of the book’s Unseen edition, sent to a single address. For three or more copies, please contact Unbound.


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To coincide with the first British retrospective of legendary American fashion photographer Louise Dahl-Wolfe’s work, the author will take readers on a one-on-one guided tour of the show, sharing the untold stories of the models Dahl-Wolfe photographed across her decades-long career — including the story of her last Paris couture shoot in the spring of 1956, starring Barbara Mullen. Subscribers will also receive a hardback first edition of the book and their name in the back.

Louise Dahl-Wolfe: A Style of Her Own runs at London’s Fashion Textile Museum from 20 October 2017 to 21 January 2018.

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The biography will be anchored by 24 images of Barbara, taken by some of the twentieth century’s greatest fashion photographers. They include photographs by Guy Bourdin, Lillian Bassman, Norman Parkinson, Irving Penn. This pledge level offers supporters the opportunity to sponsor one of these images; each supporter will receive a signed copy of the book’s Unseen edition and their support will be credited in the acknowledgments.


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Further sponsorship levels are available on request for individual or corporate sponsors; please contact Unbound to find out more.