The Othered Woman: How White Feminism Harms Muslim Women

By Shahed Ezaydi£25.00 + Shipping
Status: being written
Publication Date: TBCAvailable
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About The Book

A contemporary collection of essays that expose the harm which the white feminist movement has inflicted, and continues to inflict, upon Muslim women worldwide.

White liberal feminism has long treated Muslim women as both invisible – by actively excluding them from women’s liberation movements, and hypervisible – with the near-obsession of liberating or ‘saving’ them. Both of these harm Muslim women.

Although more people are waking up to the problematic nature of white feminism, it very rarely stretches to the conversations around just how closely intertwined white feminism and Islamophobia are.

In her debut book, Shahed Ezaydi presents an insightful analysis of the various myths that white feminism holds regarding Muslim women, including single-issue oppression, liberation politics, the inherent misogyny of Muslim men, and much more. Along her journey, Shahed discovers many Muslim women who are rejecting the notion of a white Western feminism, and instead are fighting for their liberation in their own way.

We are more than just stereotypes. We are layered, complicated, and beautiful people - just like any other group of women - and our voices deserve to be heard and listened to.

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