The Allotmenteers: Portraits of a Growing Community

By Catherine Mack

An intimate collection of stories and growing tips from members of the allotmenteer community.

Thursday, 28 October 2021

Meet my latest allotmenteers - on a Cornish clifftop.

I recently travelled to Mousehole in Cornwall, the most exquisite village just south of Penzance. Here I met with Jane and Abdel, who recently took over a very overgrown allotment on the edge of a cliff. It may just win the 'Top allotment for heavenly views' prize from me. Jane and Abdel have never had an allotment before and they acquired this one during lockdown. Jane is English and Abdel is Moroccan, from Berber traditions, and usually they divide their time between Cornwall and Morocco, but the pandemic has changed all that. Now they work this glorious piece of land together, and I am honoured that they took time out to chat with me about their story, as I sipped tea from Moroccan cups, relaxing on chairs placed on a Moroccan rug and imbibed their all round enthusiasm for life, nature and Cornish heritage. Take a look at the video and, to read more of these stories, do please pledge to have the book published. And thanks also to the wonderful Jane and Abdel. Cheers, Catherine. 

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