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Running the Americas

By Jamie Ramsay£1.20 + Shipping
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About The Book

Running The Americas is the inspiring story of an everyday guy who decided to drastically change his outlook and approach to life. After realising that an unfulfilling life in London was only going to end in resentment and unhappiness, he hatched a plan to change the trajectory of his life and ensure his passions were his priorities. The adventure that unfolded was a solo and unsupported run from Vancouver to Buenos Aires with no specific training, no major sponsor and very scant logistically planning.

The 17,000km run - equivalent to 403 marathons - consisted of 367 running days each averaging 46km. The route he took followed the Pacific Coast and Pan American highway as it weaved down through North, Central and South America. In Chile, he turned east, and after crossing the Andes set his target on Buenos Aires. He wore through 17 pairs of running shoes, burning over 4500 calories per day.

Pushing everything needed to survive in an unmodified baby stroller, he had to navigate his way over the Sea of Cortez, around the infamous Darien Gap, through the Atacama Desert and across the Andes. Long spells of loneliness, severe dehydration, continuous bouts of food poisoning and contracting an intestinal parasite all added to the daily challenges he had to overcome.

While running was the backbone of this adventure, the book will also share the wonderful experiences he shared with strangers in every country he visited. From the generosity of Clemente, also known as the “Angel of The Desert”, to running with school kids in Mexico, the book will be brought to life through each and every interaction, restoring your faith in humanity.

This is not a book of records or firsts, but a journey purely fueled by passion for running and adventure, giving extraordinary detail into the logistical, physical and mental strength needed to overcome the perceived impossible. This story hopes to awaken the adventurer in us all and show how we can all live out our dreams if we approach them with the right frame of mind and with unquestioning determination.

Every time you overcome a hurdle like this you feel mentally stronger and more prepared to tackle challenges ahead.
By Jamie Ramsay

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