Perfect Organism: An Alien: Isolation Companion

By Andy Kelly£20.00 + Shipping
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Publication Date: 08.08.2024Available
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About The Book

An unofficial guide to Alien: Isolation, the greatest, scariest horror game ever made.

There aren’t many computer games that can justify an entire book, but for superfans, Alien: Isolation is truly extraordinary and Perfect Organism reveals all there is to know about every aspect of this masterful game.

Discover the rationale and authenticity of the set design and art direction, learn about the alien’s unnerving abilities to second-guess the players and the importance of its unique height, find out more about the importance of the dynamic audio and the use of seventies archive soundbites, as well as the darkly beautiful music. And immerse yourself in the technical brilliance of the level design and the user interface, before reading about the deleted content, and the scenes and features that never made the final cut.

Alien: Isolation is a game of remarkable depth, complexity, and detail, and together with a level-by-level mission guide, this book will answer all of your questions, as well as many you haven’t yet thought to ask!

Biographies of every character, from the main cast to barely glimpsed extras—who they were, why they were on the station, and what happened to them.

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    Taking Shape

    It's been a while since I last posted an update about Perfect Organism, so I just wanted you let you all know that I've been making good progress. I can't wait to get this thing in your hands. This is...


    Last week Perfect Organism hits its funding target, which means I now get to write an entire book about my favourite video game of all time. To everyone who pledged: endless thanks for taking a punt o...

    The Other Perfect Organism

    As most of you will know, the name of my book comes from a particularly chilling line of dialogue in Ridley Scott's movie, when treacherous android Ash gets all gooey (literally) over the xenomorph in...


    Last week The Back Page, a very fine video games podcast, invited me on to talk about Perfect Organism. If you want to hear me explaining the origins of the book, what to expect from it, my history wi...


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