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More Terrible Old Games You've Probably Never Heard Of

The European computer game market of the early eighties to mid nineties was a thing of terrible beauty. Crazy ideas and potential profit were at the front of publisher’s minds. And quality control was often at the back of their minds, hidden behind a vague memory of that time they fell off their bike and lost their door key.

In my previous book Terrible Old Games You’ve Probably Never Heard Of I showcased a bevy of amusingly awful titles. And now I’m going to do it again, because what the world needs right now is to know exactly how bad Domain of the Undead for the Atari 8-bit computers was.

And because I like to confound expectations, the book will be larger than the previous volume yet cost the same! This second excavation of gaming’s buried past will not only unearth more appalling excuses for digital entertainment, but also feature several special interest chapters not based around single specific games. And more guest contributors will be telling us about their most disappointing gaming purchases, so we can feel a bit better the next time we pick up a cheap game on a whim and discover it’s about as much fun as banging your face against a fridge door.

The core criteria of the games eligible for entry will remain the same. They must have been:

  • Released between 1980 and 1995 inclusive
  • Released commercially, i.e. sold for money
  • Released on a home computer format, not a dedicated games console
  • So incredibly poor that it would be almost impossible for a reasonable person to enjoy playing them

That way we keep out all the ones you’ve heard of a million times in YouTube videos. These are truly obscure and truly dreadful games – the very worst the industry ever offered up. We may have all been disappointed with Aliens Colonial Marines, but it doesn’t seem quite so bad when you’ve spent a few minutes wrestling with the controls of Cisco Heat on the Commodore 64...

If you’d like a copy of Attack of the Flickering Skeletons: More Terrible Old Games You’ve Probably Never Of , pledge now and we’ll be on the way to making it a reality. Let’s not let these games slip under the radar just because they’re terrible, they’re old and... well... you’ve probably never heard of them.

Hello! I'm Stuart. I make videos for YouTube and write comedy scripts and sometimes act in things.

I recently realised that I miss writing articles and stories, so have joined forces with Unbound in an attempt to rectify that by writing books.

I live in Norwich, in a house filled with all sorts of useless items that I tell myself I need for my work. I'm obsessed with old video games and things that aren't quite good enough for their intended purpose. My favourite soup is crab meat and sweetcorn.

The All New Book Update Show!

Wednesday, 15 November 2017


Please view the attached video for EXCITING UPDATE INFORMATION - information so exciting that it made me capitalise three whole words in a row!

In other news, it was lovely to meet so many of you on the book tour recently. It's great to see so many people interested in fascinatlingly awful retro games - just please bear the lessons of the book in mind if you ever make your own game...…

Extras! Extras! Read much about them!

Thursday, 20 July 2017


Attack of the Flickering Skeletons is very nearly complete - we've just finished checking over the first proofs, and it's looking both hunky and dory.  And I said this book would be bigger than the first and indeed it is - there are 25% more words, in fact. But what lurks inside these extra phrases?

Firstly there's Worst Magazine Score Corner, a series of mini-articles dotted around the…

Guests Assemble

Monday, 29 May 2017


The time has come to pull back the curtain on the guest people who have kindly donated words, thoughts and past emotional traumas to the book.

I exclusively asked gaming journalists this time as they tend to have the clearest memories of their biggest gaming waste of money, and the ability to tell that story in an entertaining way. This was largley inspired by a book a friend lent me…

Well blimey

Thursday, 2 March 2017


So... that went pretty well! We hit 100% of the funding goal within 24 hours of launch which is rather lovely, and the total is currently sitting around 169% less than a week in. Clearly there is still an appetite for pointing and lauching at rubbishy old games.

Massive thanks to all of you for supporting the book. I'm currently co-ordinating with the guest writers, and traumatising them…

Joe Spivey
Joe Spivey asked:

Will any mystical bald men with bewitching facial hair feature this time round?

Stuart Ashen
Stuart Ashen replied:

I'm not sure I have the power to stop him appearing.

Ben Olson
Ben Olson asked:

What if I have heard of the games? Will I get a refund?

Stuart Ashen
Stuart Ashen replied:

Our lawyers confirm that "probably" is loose enough to avoid refunds.

Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams asked:

Will this book be available in stores once it's been fully funded?

Stuart Ashen
Stuart Ashen replied:


Zdeněk Eisenhammer
Zdeněk Eisenhammer asked:

Hi, will you also ship abroad? If so, what would be the postage to the Czech Republic? And lastly, are there more Atari XL/XE (that is my home platform) games than just a few? :)
P.S.: Glad you used the Atari ROM font on the book cover :D

Unbound replied:

Hi Zdenek,

Yes we do ship overseas. You can ready about our shipping charges here:

Best wishes,

Unbound Support

Ryan Watts
Ryan Watts asked:

There can't possibly be anything worse than SQIJ! Right?

Stuart Ashen
Stuart Ashen replied:

I have uncovered more information about SQIJ! - there may be an update in the second book.

Glenn Hind
Glenn Hind asked:

Hi wiLloyd there be a signing tour for this book as well

Stuart Ashen
Stuart Ashen replied:

wiLLoyd says: "Thanks for thinking of me! There may be a tour, we're not sure yet."

Leonardo Fuck
Leonardo Fuck asked:

If I buy a hardback edition and pay all the shipment taxes can it be sent to Brazil?

[Fuck is indeed my lastname if you are wondering... What a lucky man am I! Or not.]

Unbound replied:

Hi Leonardo,

Yes, we dispatch to Brazil. Just enter your delivery address during the checkout process and the shipping cost will be calculated before you finish the payment.

Best wishes,

Unbound support

Liam 'volkslemans' Turner
Liam 'volkslemans' Turner asked:

If my mother orders the book for me will my name still get in the book

Unbound replied:

Hi Liam,

You can read about how to change the names included in the book here:

Best wishes,

Caitlin - Community Manager

Keef Buckley
Keef Buckley asked:

Will I starve now having spent my shopping budget on a piece of crap book by you?

Stuart Ashen
Stuart Ashen replied:

Yes. Bye!

Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith asked:

What type of Sad Onion would this book receive?

Stuart Ashen
Stuart Ashen replied:


Jacob Ventresca
Jacob Ventresca asked:

What is your favourite soup?

Stuart Ashen
Stuart Ashen replied:

Crab meat and sweetcorn.

Jim Lowe
Jim Lowe asked:

Is this books suitable for vegans?

Stuart Ashen
Stuart Ashen replied:

Yes. But we don't recommend eating it anyway.

Andrew Edwards
Andrew Edwards asked:

What is the music in the background of the video Stuart?
It's driving me made that I can't remember...

Stuart Ashen
Stuart Ashen replied:

Ghouls & Ghosts, Commodore 64.

Michael Speare
Michael Speare asked:

Is the "Collectable" tier book signed by a real person (hopefully Stuart ashen)? Or is it one of those photocopied jobs?

Stuart Ashen
Stuart Ashen replied:

They will all be signed by me. Using a real pen and everything!

Andy Hewitt
Andy Hewitt asked:

Did you really play robobolt for an hour?

Stuart Ashen
Stuart Ashen replied:

It was actually longer, as with all the games I write about. I don't like to think about it.

Ian Burch
Ian Burch asked:

I can't seem to find the last day pre-orders will be offered. I've got to wait till around the end of the month.

Unbound replied:

Hi Ian,

We'll be taking pre-orders right up until we send the book to the printers, so you've got plenty of time as Stuart is currently in the process of writing the book.

Best wishes,

Unbound support

Louis Roberts
Louis Roberts asked:

Ive not had a chance to order this yet. Is it too late now to back this and recieve a copy?

Unbound replied:

Hi Louis,

Thanks for getting in touch. It's not too late to pre-order and get your name in the back of the book as Stuart is still writing at the moment.

Best wishes,

Caitlin - Community manager

Breffni Harrison
Breffni Harrison asked:

What format will the eBook be in?

*Hopes it's not ePub as I have a Kindle*

Unbound replied:

Hi Breffni,

We create the ebook in ePub, Mobi (kindle) and PDF formats so they're able to be read on all eReaders.

Thanks for supporting Unbound!

Best wishes,

Caitlin - Community Manager

Tim Smulders
Tim Smulders asked:

What is the intended date for the book to come out?

Unbound replied:

HI Tim,

Thanks for getting in touch. We're working towards a late Autumn publication date for the special editions. Hope this helps!

Best wishes

Unbound Support

moshe hai hatan
moshe hai hatan asked:

when the book will be shiped?

Unbound replied:

Hi Moshe,

Thanks for getting in touch. The book is scheduled for publication this Autumn, 2017.

Best wishes,


Matthew Huffman
Matthew Huffman asked:

Are there plans for a more phone-friendly Kindle edition? Because the current gatefold design is frankly unreadable at phone size.

Unbound replied:

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for getting in touch and sorry about this. We're working on getting a new and improved mobi. version created so we should have an ebook which works better for you soon. Please watch out for an update about this.

Best wishes,

Unbound Sipport

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