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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

I'm doing a 1980s Mac games livestream soon

I wanted to do this to celebrate the main trade launch last month but didn't have time, so instead I'm doing a livestream to coincide with the April 15 Australian release date for my book. It's going to be focused on games from the 1980s. I'll be talking about some of my personal favourites from the era and showing off a few gems that I didn't discover until I started researching the book, as well as sharing a bit of trivia — much of which is probably in the book, but perhaps not all — and answering questions from the chat. I hope to see others sharing their own Mac gaming-related stories in the chat, too.

I may have special guests joining me for part or all of the stream. No promises, though; it could well just be me for a couple of hours. (On that note, if you're reading this and you worked on Mac games or wrote about them for a magazine during that black and white era, or any other portion of the "Classic" Mac years, and you'd like to join me "on the air" for a chat, do please let me know. You could join me on this stream or we can arrange a future one at a time that suits you.)

It'll go from roughly 10:30am to 12:30pm my time on Monday the 16th of April. That's Sunday afternoon or night for most of you. For people on Pacific Time, it'll be Sunday at 5:30pm, while for those of US Eastern Time it's Sunday at 8:30pm. My apologies to any UK and Europe residents, as it's the middle of the night for you — 1:30am in the UK and 2:30am on Central European Time.

Here's a more detailed breakdown of the time conversion by city:

It'll be streamed live on Twitch at my channel

And I'll also get it uploaded to YouTube afterwards. I will update this post with a link when that's done.

UPDATE: The stream ended up going for nearly three and a half hours. You can watch parts 1 and 2 and a few highlights on my Twitch channel or at the YouTube links below:

I hope to do many more videos throughout the year as time permits — some streamed live and available to replay later, others uploaded directly to YouTube. So let me know if you have any requests for those.


While I have you here, a quick update and one point of clarification:

I've seen some confusion about the availability of the physical book, so let me reiterate: There are a few copies of the special edition hardbacks available from Unbound or you can tell people that they can buy physical copies of the trade edition (which, as a reminder, is the same except for a few cosmetic differences) from their local Amazon storefront or from Book Depository or any of several other online stores. It's also available in many UK bookstores and from next week should be in some Australian ones, too. I recommend pointing people to the official website I set up at for where to buy links and other information.

We've had two excerpts published so far. One, on Gamasutra, reproduces the "Into A Castle Darkly" chapter, on the making of Airborne and Dark Castle, with some imagery that did and some that didn't make it into the book. Similarly, Ars Technica has the "Mac Game Console" chapter in full.

I was also interviewed recently for the AppleInsider podcast. Look out for that soon. And we're getting bits and pieces of other media coverage — a couple of magazine mentions and the like. I'll do a full breakdown of media coverage in a future update.

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Chris Comeau
 Chris Comeau says:

Thanks for the update, now following you on Twitch!

posted 15th April 2018

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