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Nerve Endings

Kristin Hersh
Status: published
Publication Date: 26.07.2018
  • Paperback
  • Ebook£5.99

Since forming the seminal art rock band Throwing Muses while still in her teens, Kristin Hersh has been at the forefront of alternative music, acclaimed for her raw, visceral and poetic songwriting.

Here, collected for the first time, are the lyrics to one hundred songs, curated by the woman who wrote them. From Throwing Muses classics like 'Bright Yellow Gun' to solo material such as 'Your Ghost' and her songs with 50 Foot Wave, Nerve Endings encapsulates one of the most fascinating and honest careers in modern rock music.

"Your Ghost"

if I walk down this hallway tonight it's too quiet
so I pad through the dark and call you on the phone
push your old numbers and let your house ring 'til I wake your ghost

let him walk down your hallway
it's not this quiet
slide down your receiver
sprint across the wire
follow my number
slide into my hand

it's the blaze across my nightgown
it's the phone's ring

i think last night you were driving circles around me

"Hot Pink, Distorted"

it'll take much more than water to fix my hot pink distorted face
and more than self-hypnosis to believe it doesn't taste like gasoline
i was not invited back

you poor misguided soldier
ugly daughters show no mercy
in the heat of battle these brats'll feel no pain
quick and dirty they take you down
here comes the thunder
there goes the rain

"Bright Yellow Gun"

with your bright yellow gun
you own the sun
and i think i need a little poison to keep me tame
keep me awake
i have nothing to offer but confusion and the circus in my head in the middle of the bed
in the middle of the night

with your bright silver frown
you own the town and i think i need a little poison

i have no secrets
i have no lies
i have nothing to offer but the middle of the night and i think you need a little poison

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