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Glittering a Turd: How surviving the unsurvivable taught me to live

Kris Hallenga
Status: published
Publication Date: 19.08.2021
  • Paperback
  • Hardback


  • Ebook£6.99


  • Signed Hardback£18.99


'This honest and beautiful book is a story of resilience and doing life your way' Fearne Cotton

'Kris's story should make you feel grateful for every second you're alive. It's a testament to her positivity, empathy, bravery and her unfailing sense of humour' Dermot O'Leary

'A manifesto for how to be alive. It will leave you calm, hopeful and unafraid' Dawn O'Porter

Kris was living a totally normal life as a twenty-three-year-old: travelling the world, falling in love, making plans. However, when she found a lump in her boob and was told that it was not only cancer, but also incurable, life took on a completely new meaning. She was diagnosed at an age when life wasn’t something to be grateful for, but a goddamn right.

Little did Kris know it was cancer that would lead her to a life she had never considered: a happy one. From founding a charity to visiting Downing Street, campaigning at festivals to appearing on TV, and being present at the birth of her nephew; in the face of all the possible prognoses, Kris thrived.

Glittering a Turd is more than just another cancer memoir; it’s a handbook for living life to the fullest, shining a new perspective on survival and learning to glitter your own turd, whatever it might be. Kris survived the unsurvivable for fifteen years. This is her story.

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