Genius Loci

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About The Book

Among the many incredible places that video games take us, it is some of the virtual landscapes, gardens, and natural environments that are the best. From rigorously designed palace gardens, to expansive natural lands, and from alien planets with weird and wonderful plants, to terrains imbued with meaning and symbolism, an expansive range of landscapes can be explored, traversed, and enjoyed in games.

Much like the seventeenth- and eighteenth-century tradition of undertaking a european grand tour to visit cultural landmarks, gardens, and cities, in Genius Loci writer and award-winning landscape designer Rob Dwiar, will guide readers on a journey across video game histories, geographies, and stories, offering detailed appreciation and analysis along the way. Visiting games such as the Dishonored series, Dragon Age Inquisition, the Elder Scrolls and Assassin’s Creed, this grand tour will be an evocative journey for fans of video games and landscapes alike.

The landscapes, gardens, and horticulture found within video games have come on such leaps and bounds in the past few decades, that there is much to talk about, look at, and get lost in. Real-life garden design features and approaches now feature in game design; accurate portrayal, use, and combination of plants finish landscapes to a beautiful degree of detail, environment design has deeper levels of meaning and narrative importance than ever, and even the most prominent and high-profile games can see players engage in horticulture. Genius Loci will see all of this, and more, explored through dozens of places and games – some which feature more than one beautiful landscape or garden.

Genius Loci (phrase); Popularised by 18th century poet Alexander Pope, used to describe the sense of place or distinctive character of a landscape.

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  • Updates From The Author

    A bit of Irish 'bookspiration'

    I’m not long back from a trip that was perfect book inspiration - or ‘bookspiration’ as I’ve come to call it. It was a jolly away for another wedding (congrats again, Dave & Karen), but one that felt ...

    A Genius Loci update - from a friend

    I’ve mentioned before that one of my best friends, Freddy, and I play games together online regularly - sometimes as a pair, and often as a three with another close friend. However, Freddy and I have ...

    A little springtime reset...

    It’s time for the late winter/early spring reset in the garden. This is something that can be equally satisfying and daunting every year - satisfying as it helps bring order back to the garden, but da...

    A new year and a new wave of impetus!

    Hello everyone! Only a short update from me this time, but just one to say thank you for your ongoing support and backing throughout 2022. Genius Loci’s funding for 2023 has already got off to a decen...

    An update that's been four years in the making - Thank you

    It’s been almost precisely four years since I first emailed a games website about writing about games – from this came my first video game landscape article. It set off a tremendous domino effect and ...

    Imagining the experience of ‘new’ landscapes

    I recently finished watching the TV series ‘Vikings’ (finally - I had originally started it back in 2020 intending to binge it all before Assassin’s Creed Valhalla came out; I got to season 4 or so) a...

    Landscape exploration and discovery - and Elden Ring

    One part of pretty much any landscape discipline, at any scale, is the combined concept of exploration and discovery. From hidden elements designed into a garden’s layout - that you perhaps get glimps...

    Mediterranean landscapes and Med-inspired game places...

    Despite having a deep love for it, it had been a while since I was in a Mediterranean landscape. Until the end of last month anyway, when a family wedding took us to the Greek island of Paxos. Blue sk...

    Of Rivers and Red Dead

    With spring well and truly sprung, and being outdoors pleasant once more, I’ve been making some parallels between games and places, or landscape features, again. And, as the heading intimates, this on...

    Of weddings and harvests

    It’s supposed to be the most gloriously sunny and warm time of year but both have proved somewhat elusive across our UK landscapes - particularly in any great measure. It’s been a pretty unreliable su...

    Sacred and spiritual landscapes

    I’m not religious at all but I have always been interested in religious, sacred, and spiritual landscapes - this mainly comes from my interest in meaning, narratives, and stories in landscape design. ...

    Some personal news, and a bit of change…

    Good news, everyone! Not to be too morbid, but I survived my shoulder surgery! It was only minor, and something I’m, unfortunately, quite familiar with, but hopefully fixes the pain and trouble I was ...

    Spreading the word - podcasts and interviews

    With the calendar flipping over to 2022, the one-year anniversary of Genius Loci going live seems much closer than it did a few weeks ago. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long already. However, I’...

    Spreading the word - podcasts and interviews

    With the calendar flipping over to 2022, the one-year anniversary of Genius Loci going live seems much closer than it did a few weeks ago. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long already. However, I’...

    Spring has arrived

    Spring is basically here. Or, at least, it is in the landscape, even if the weather maintains a wintry chill. A surefire, tell-tale sign is that even on the most ‘regular’ of dog walks my wife and I h...

    Surrounding myself with video game landscapes - at home

    I’m not sure how I haven’t done it before now, but recently I made my home work-space (and PC gaming space) very ‘on brand’ for me, Rob Dwiar, the lover of and proponent of the quality of video game l...

    The bones of winter landscapes

    Winter landscapes are some of my absolute favourites - in real life and in games. Despite being relatively empty (the use of ‘relatively’ is important when looking at winter lands) there’s often a dec...

    Venetian inspiration - feeling the connection between in-game places and real places

    We’re racing toward summer and the best time of year for gardens and landscapes. There really is nothing better than enjoying the lush and vividly green world in the warmth of the summer sun, be it fr...


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