Dice Men: The Origin Story of Games Workshop

By Ian Livingstone with Steve Jackson

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Writing update

Hi everyone,

We started this book with a very clear idea of the story that we wanted to tell, ie how our fledgling games company was set on a road that would ultimately become the multi-national business that it is today with a market capitalisation of over £1 billion on the London Stock Exchange! We began our journey in 1975, and whilst the major events are easy to recall, the details require a lot of research and fact-checking.

Since it is so important to tell the real story of the first years of Games Workshop, we have spent much more time than planned verifying our own recollections. We also wanted to share as many photos and images as possible and we have gone to great lengths to find images from sources other than our own, and we are delighted to say that there will be over 200 photos and images which will appear in the book.

Most importantly, we are pleased to say that the bulk of the writing is now done and we are now in the final editing/revision stage. We hope to hand over the manuscript to Unbound in November for publication in due course. Apologies again for the delay. Dice Men will appear 45 years after Games Workshop was founded, and we hope the wait for the book will have been worth it. 

Ian, Steve and Jamie

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Richard Brewster
 Richard Brewster says:

Thank you for the update. Looking forward to the finished product.

posted 27th August 2019

Antonio Jorge García Lentisco
 Antonio Jorge García Lentisco says:

I´m eager to read the book.

posted 27th August 2019

John Durrad
 John Durrad says:

Come on November, hurry up. ;D

posted 27th August 2019

Phillip Lewis
 Phillip Lewis says:

Thanks for the update, I'm really looking forward to hearing more as we get closer to release.

posted 27th August 2019

Allan Grohe
 Allan Grohe says:

Wonderful news, so glad to hear that things continue to move forward!

Will the book be printed in color, so that the photos can be reproduced in color too?


posted 6th September 2019

Rene Batsford
 Rene Batsford says:

Hi Jamie, How's progress thus far on the book ? - Hope you're well, Rene'

posted 24th November 2019

Drew Scarr
 Drew Scarr says:

Any news on this for the New Year?

posted 6th January 2020

Ian Livingstone
 Ian Livingstone says:

We hope to finish writing the book by February before handing it over to Unbound who will decide the date of publication. Thanks, Ian

posted 7th January 2020

Alexander Zick
 Alexander Zick says:

In the August update it was said that the writing process would be almost finished (final editing process), six months later it means the writing process could be finished in February? Shouldn't sound snotty, but are there still problems that the Baker should be informed about?

posted 17th January 2020

Ian Livingstone
 Ian Livingstone says:

Apologies, but this book is taking longer to write than we originally planned. So much material has emerged, much of it which we had forgotten over time. We are already over 30,000 words and 250 photographs and will need to edit down the words and perhaps leave out some of the photographs. We are as keen as everybody else to see this book in print! Thank you for your patience, Ian

posted 17th January 2020

Allan Grohe
 Allan Grohe says:

Glad to hear hear the updates, Ian. These kinds of projects always take longer than planned, so patience helps.

Hopefully most of your newly-rediscovered content can still be included in the book---otherwise not much point in the delays, right? I'd much rather read a larger, more lavishly-illustrated book that was late than one that left 35% of its research on the cutting room floor but was on time.


posted 23rd January 2020

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