Don't Hold My Head Down

By Lucy-Anne Holmes

Bridget Jones meets Erin Brockovich and Elizabeth Gilbert – wearing a strap on, at a sex party

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

A little proposition for you...

Hello to you 444 dear kind wonderful people who have bought the first copies of my book,

Good news!!

The book is (SO NEARLY) FINISHED! Proof copies are being printed right now and Don’t Hold My Head Down will be out in the world and landing on your doormat in early February. It is all very exciting.

Aaaaand I have a little proposition for you all. A mission, should you choose to accept it.

Could you by any chance help me with some words for the inside cover of the book itself?

You see, the good people at Unbound have given me a stonkingly strong and exciting cover and all over the outside of it there are titles from real online porn clips which have been crossed out in red.

Mark Ecob, the designer, said ‘ the main thing that struck me about the book, as a man, was how male dominated pornography is and how disgusted I am that I hadn’t realised before. You just need to look at the captions for the videos, it’s a sea of shit.’

As an antidote for this on the inside cover we are going to write names for porn captions that don’t read like a ’sea of shit’, that we might be more inclined to watch. We would love to include some of YOUR suggestions if you have them.

So if you are feeling inspired then please do share your suggestions with me via a message on here, or Facebook or Twitter. (I am Lucy-Anne Holmes everywhere) by the end of this week. I’m afraid I can’t guarantee they will all be used on the cover but if we have lots left over I will try and use them in some other way, perhaps in an article or arty something-or-other.

Right, I’ll leave you to crack on with that, so to speak.

Also, do give the book a quick share if you can as I believe there is still a small window when people could pledge and get their name listed inside as a supporter.

But before you go I have some big heartfelt thanks.





Lucy x

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Philip Stewart
 Philip Stewart says:

If I had been born 60 years later, I might have thought I was a girl in a man's body. Now here is a book that tells honestly how it feels to be a woman. I find that enriching, although I have lived happily as a man,

posted 25th September 2018

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