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A Small Fiction is an illustrated collection of 150 tiny stories, each told in 140 characters or less.

A Small Fiction is what happens when a writer wants to tell a hundred stories but doesn’t have the time to write a hundred books. Instead, he writes the seeds of them and casts them to the wind.

Every story in the collection is distinct, and while some play on common themes each story stands on its own. Through the genre lenses of science fiction, fantasy, contemporary fiction, folklore, and humor each of these small fictions is a peep-hole that reveals a bigger story.

James Miller is a writer and he lives in California. He co-created the comic Dear Toadington and the company Embros Creative with his brother Jefferson, and he has written for anything he could get his hands on. Most recently that has been video games, review sites, and blogs. A Small Fiction is his first book. This is because while prose is where his heart belongs, writing novels takes an awful lot of time.

Jefferson Miller is an artist and a graphic designer and he lives in California. He co-created Embros Creative, and he’s the artist for the comic Dear Toadington. Jefferson has also created illustrations, logos, album covers, character art, and more.

A sneak peek at the interiors:


The Mighty Hundred

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Barely two weeks ago ago we opened pre-orders for the first A Small Fiction book. In that time, over one hundred people have already stepped forward to support A Small Fiction and claim a copy of their own, raising over a third of the printing costs of the book. That's you guys. You did that!

A third, in just fourteen days, thanks to you. That's pretty incredible for just a hundred people. We picture…

And here we go!

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

A Small Fiction has had a long and weird journey. It started as a private notebook in an office in 2007. Then, after a few months, the first few little stories made the jump to my personal twitter account at the rate of one a week.

It wasn't until 2009 that it got an account of its own, mostly because my personal account was being deleted and the stories didn't deserve to vanish with it. And because…

Emma Jarvis
Emma Jarvis asked:

is there any possibilities for more options for shipping? I understand that international shipping can be expensive but once you convert the gbp price to the aud (australian dollar) price it's an extra $34 aud just for shipping alone and I do not have the funds to be able to purchase that. I think you guys do an awesome job with "A Small Fiction" and I really want that hardcover but I simply can't afford to have it shipped. I don't mind having it untracked and/or unsigned just give me an option that doesn't destroy my bank hahaha
Please and thank you!

Unbound replied:

Hi Emma,

At the moment we send these via a tracked service to make sure that books arrive safely, but we're looking into having more shipping options made available. At present we don't make a profit on shipping, but I understand that shipping to Australia is quite a lot.

Best wishes,

Unbound Support

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