A Gothic Cookbook

A Gothic Cookbook: Hauntingly Delicious Recipes Inspired by 13 Classic Tales

By Ella Buchan and Dr Alessandra Pino, with illustrations by Lee Henry £35.00 + Shipping
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About The Book

A literary-inspired cookbook, exploring thirteen Gothic stories and their edible motifs before bringing them to life – and to your table.

Prompted by Alessandra Pino’s academic studies into how food manifests itself on the pages of Gothic literature, and combining her knife-sharp analysis with Ella Buchan’s experience as a food writer and recipe developer, A Gothic Cookbook pays homage to the most appetising cuts of the genre, featuring seventy original recipes illustrated by Lee Henry.

Dracula lulls protagonist Jonathan Harker into a false sense of security with cold cuts and a spicy, smoky, peppery stew. Frankenstein’s 'monster' starts out as a benign vegetarian, while Mrs Poole’s overindulgence in Mother’s Ruin triggers Mr Rochester’s downfall in Jane Eyre – and a bitter tangerine signals a sharp, yet unheeded, warning against marriage and Manderley in Rebecca. Notice, too, how a ghostly presence craves sugar and burnt bread in Toni Morrison’s Beloved...

In this interplay between supper and the supernatural, you’ll learn to pick your desserts carefully: chocolate mousses foreshadow impending doom, yet the humble seed cake is a gesture of kindness. With a foreword from acclaimed writer, editor and academic, Leone Ross, A Gothic Cookbook is the perfect culinary companion for those of you who enjoy a slice of the macabre with your dinner.

Pino and Buchan have created more than a generous cookbook; this is a powerful literary discourse on food as meaning.
By Leone Ross

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