Unbound is a platform that allows authors and readers to define publishing for themselves. When offered the opportunity to help fund a book, readers become more than consumers - they become a part of a book's journey, from the author's original idea to the beautiful finished artefact.

The Unbound mission is to give more readers access to the very best content: that is why we are opening our platform to other publishing houses.

Publishers can host their own 'channel' on the Unbound site and offer their own projects for funding; from bold new works to exciting limited editions of backlist classics.

Some publishers we're partnering with are very large, and some are very small, but all are joining us because they want to offer their authors a direct connection to their readers.

So, publishers, please get in touch. We're excited about the possibilities of you hosting your own channel on Unbound. It's about building a new eco-system that serves the whole industry better, from writers to readers.

We'd love for you to be a part of it.

If you'd like to get involved please drop us a line at