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We've had lots of lovely press from all over the place since our launch.

It is hard to see how Letters of Note could ever be surpassed. It is not just an amazingly eclectic anthology of all kinds of correspondence... it is also beautifully presented.

Craig Brown on Letters of Note

Traditional publishing is in the doldrums, it's collapsing. Publishers are looking around for new ways of going forward. I think Unbound could be the future.

Terry Jones, Author

And it is this direct dialogue between writer and reader which seems to have missing from the publishing world, until now.

Emma Barnett, Digital Media Editor

It certainly sounds very digital and innovative.

Robert McCrum

In the UK, the Unbound project is publishing books by pitching ideas direct to readers who then stump up the funding for the ones they want to read.

Carl Wilkinson

And yet, by combining all of the best elements of those three examples, UK-based Unbound hopes to create something very remarkable indeed.

Paul Carr