Zippy and Me: The Remarkable Life in Puppets of Rainbow’s Ronnie Le Drew

By Ronnie Le Drew and Duncan Barrett and Nuala Calvi

The hilarious autobiography of Rainbow puppeteer Ronnie Le Drew

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Update from Ronnie Le Drew

Hello All ! 

It is certainly time for an update. So here it is, first Thank you so much to my pledgers, as you know without your support the book will not be published. I had a really nice time on the radio 4 programme Mid Week with Libby Purvis. I brought puppets to the studio, and those of you who heard the programme will remember noises from Muffin the Mule a few choice comments from Zippy and George, and a plug from my glove puppet Dodo, for shows I did last month at The Little Angel Theatre. Talking of the Little Angel I taught two sessions for the Foundation Course for puppetry, lovely to have such enthusiastic students. And coming right up to date this week I have been tutoring an actor who is manipulating a marionette in a production of "Rags" Book by Joseph Stein, Music by Charles Strouse, Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz. Performed by post graduate students from The Royal Academy of Music. Just a few jobs which keep a working puppeteer happy.

Many Thanks to you all, and tell your friends to pledge for the book too.....

Ronnie Le Drew.

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