Zippy and Me: The Remarkable Life in Puppets of Rainbow’s Ronnie Le Drew

By Ronnie Le Drew and Duncan Barrett and Nuala Calvi

The hilarious autobiography of Rainbow puppeteer Ronnie Le Drew

Thursday, 11 August 2016

August Update !

Hello and Thanks to all my pledger's ! 66% funded now, so over half way there, perhaps you could ask your family and friends to pledge for a copy, there friends I am sure would enjoy the read.

I had a wonderful time last month celebrating Muffin the Mule's 70th Birthday. This puppet was the first British television icon. Way back in 1946 he appeared on BBC Television with Annette Mills playing a grand piano and Muffin dancing on the top, I have been privileged to have been his operator first for his 60th Birthday and now this year for his 70th. The story of how I was asked to be Muffins operator is told in the book. This year also I have been made the President  of The British Puppet and Model Theatre Guild. The oldest puppetry organisation in the world, an honor I am very proud to except. 

Once again I Thank you all for your continued surport.

Ronnie Le Drew     

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