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A hilarious novel about the turbulent life of a YouTube celebrity

Tim Cherry has had enough of real life - college is dull and boring, and his home life is strained thanks to his unemployed Dad and irritating sister. So, what is the easiest way to make lots of money whilst putting in the least amount of effort possible? Start a YouTube channel, of course!

After several failed attempts at creating a channel (including accidentally releasing illegal pornography), Tim strikes gold when his review of Ghostbusters action figures goes viral, and he is quickly thrust into the online video limelight. Suddenly, things start to look a lot brighter – he is making money, has a beautiful girlfriend and is even able to move into his own place. But things don’t stay rosy for long…

Tim discovers that internet fame has its downsides: stalkers, prank videos which know no limits, insane copyright laws, unsavoury people reappearing from his past, e-drama and even death. It’s not long before Tim realises that not only is it possible for you to find fame easily online, it’s also possible to find infamy.

Confessions of a YouTube Superstar is a satirical novel which explores what truly goes on behind the scenes of a popular YouTube channel, and why unboxing videos, Let’s Plays and angry reviews are always hiding something you would never expect

Mike is the author of children’s fantasy series The Imaginary Friends Saga, and the creator of many ridiculous videos on YouTube. His shows include Shameful Sequels, Infomercialism, 5 on Fiverr, Week On and many more, and has amassed more than 57,000 subscribers who all like to see him miserable as he suffers through bad movies, fad diets and products. Whilst Mike loves entertaining people with his own suffering, his real passion is in writing. With Confessions of a YouTube Superstar, Mike has combined his passions to create a hilarious novel which explores the life of a YouTuber. He has taken his experiences within YouTube, and its vast and colourful communities, and put together a novel which is full of satire, insider gossip (which may or may not be based on true events) and is an insight into the insane world of online video.

Check Mike out on Twitter at and YouTube at


‘Forty-five thousand, six hundred and fifty-two,’ I said, just so I could hear the number out loud. Was that real? Was it a glitch on YouTube? It must have been. Forty-eight hours ago the view count was barely double digits, but now it was… I refreshed it… 45,793! I clicked into my YouTube dashboard to see if there were any signs of a bug in my channel. Nope. I clicked on the video to see if there was a problem there.



3 dislikes.


3,295 new subscribers.

Woah. I mean… WOAH!

What happened? Had Jay and Simon found the video and spread it around the school? Had I made such an impression on Leah that she had felt the need to search for me and watch the video forty-five thousand times?

Andrew Arroll
Andrew Arroll asked:

Could you add a pledge for a couple of quid where we just get a fuzzy feeling inside for helping out?

Unbound replied:

Hi there, Andrew! We'll drop you a line to sort something out!

Samantha Howard
Samantha Howard asked:

I'm sorry for bothering you again on this but is there a way i can do the $100 fandabbydozey and pay extra to get your 2 imaginary friends books in paperback? I'm not asking for a freebie but the only one that has fantastic storytelling and all 3 of your books in print is over a $1,000 and I don't have that money but i;m willing to pay extra on top of the $100 tier for the 2 paperbacks. Let me know if there is anything we can work out as i want to support you and get all of your works.Thanks -SH

Mike Jeavons
Mike Jeavons replied:

Hi Samantha - we did add a 'Fantastic Friends' level which includes FS and my previous books, hopefully this is more what you're after :)

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